Website building

What is the easiest way to build a website?

Episode 1407

Sue from California

Sue wants to start a website at She already has the domain name, and now she can connect it to anything she wants. is an easy-to-use site where she can set up a site for a low monthly cost. Another site that will do this is She can just go in, pick a template that works for her needs, and start publishing content. Wordpress has a free tier with ads. These are the easiest ways to do it.

How can I get Google to stop displaying results to my unlinked SquareSpace pages?

Episode 1007

Andy from Los Angeles, CA

Andy is a video editor who is creating a documentary about the first player to get a billion points on a video game. He wants to build his own website to advertise it. Should he go with SquareSpace? The problem he's having is that some of the links aren't working right and he hasn't published it just yet. Google is already indexing it, so people are seeing it before it's ready. Leo says that if there's nothing linking to it, then Google won't find it. So, Leo suggests going into the settings to see if there's a "don't index" option until he's ready.

How can I build a mobile website?

Episode 941

Nick from Colton, CA

Nick's wife has started a business in educational consulting. They've signed up through GoDaddy and wants to know if they're website builders are good. Leo says don't use GoDaddy's web builder or hosting. They're terrible. Leo says that being a consultant, it's important to be mobile responsive. The new trend is called Mobile Responsive Design, which makes websites available for both mobile and desktop versions. Leo likes SquareSpace. They have templates that are great on both mobile and desktop browsers.