How Can I Recover Deleted Email in Hotmail?

MSN Hotmail

Episode 1838

Brenda from Palm Springs, CA

Brenda can't receive or send emails from Microsoft Hotmail. They say she has to make room. So she deleted a bunch and ended up deleting her inbox. Is there any way to get them back? Leo says maybe. Leo says there should be an option "recover items deleted from this folder" in the trash can folder. If that doesn't work, then you're out of luck. 

Does My ISP Keep a Copy of My Email?


Episode 1836

Ed from Aliso Viejo, CA

Ed wants to know if his ISP keeps his email. Leo says it does if he's using IMAP. So if you are using Outlook and you're using IMAP, it will download a copy of the email and keep a copy on the server. And they have to for several years by law. POP3, by contrast, downloads the mail to your computer and deletes it from its server space.  Leo really isn't a fan of keeping your ISP as your main email service. He uses a third-party payment service called FastMail. That way, he can change ISPs at any time, and it doesn't affect his email at all. And it's not that expensive either.

Why Does a Email Form Say “Invalid Email” as I’m Typing the Address?


Episode 1836

Ed from United Kingdom

Ed is having a weird experience when he types in an email address and gets "invalid email address" after just a few characters. But if he pastes in the email, it's fine. Leo says that there's code in an email form that is constantly checking for legitimate emails. It should do it after you type it in, but it's doing it on each letter, and that's clearly a bug. But if you keep typing, it should just nag you until you're gone inputting the email address. So it's either a bug or just plain bad form design.

How Can I Get the Password to My AOL Email?


Episode 1831

Gloria from Homosassa, Florida

Gloria has an AOL email account that she has had for years. But she can't remember her password and now she can't get her email. Leo says that since AOL was sold, they have been transitioning everyone, which can require her to relog in. Leo says she can go into AOL.com and reset her password. Use the "I Forgot" feature. It will then prompt her to reset the password or recover it. They may require a recovery phone number so they can text message her a code.

Should I Buy My Email Service?


Episode 1817

Micah from Maine

Micah is about to move out of Maine and wants to be able to move his email to a reliable provider. Leo says that email is too important to rely on free email. Leo recommends paying for the service. He uses FastMail. The cost is about $230 for three years (or $80 a year). Leo also recommends getting his own domain name for it. That way, if he changes providers, it doesn't impact his email. He can use Hover to register the domain.

Why Can't I Log Into My Verizon Account?


Episode 1815

Stan from Huntington Beach, CA

Stan has an email account with Verizon.net, but now he can't log into it. Leo says that Verizon bought Yahoo and then recently sold it, and since then, people have been having trouble logging into their accounts. It may also be that since Stan's account is a very old account, and he has since canceled the phone service, it may be that the company simply turned it off. Or turned the servers off. Verizon has retired its email service as well. Either way, this is becoming a common problem.

Wha's a Good Alternative to Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook

Episode 1814

Amanda from Petaluma, CA

Tamara has to use Outlook for her work email on her mac and it's just terrible. She can use MacMail. Leo says that email clients are a dime a dozen and you can just about any of them. Leo also says that Microsoft is working on a new Mac version of Outlook, that's supposed to be out soon. Read about it here. Until then, how can she make Outlook look better? Leo says you can always use Outlook.com, a web-based version.

Why Can't I Log Into My SBC Email Account?


Episode 1813

Cheryl from California

Cheryl is having trouble logging into her SBC email. Leo says that Cheryl has a "legacy email," with SBCGlobal, which was sold to AT&T and then outsourced to Yahoo. As such, Leo just thinks that the SBC log-in has expired and is no longer working. So Cheryl will likely have to transition to ATT.net for all her email needs if she wants to stick with that company. Try going to AT&T's web portal and try signing in with the same credentials.

Why Am I Missing Some of My Email?


Episode 1811

Rich from Tuscon, AZ

Rich has two domains registered at Hover. One personal and one business. He then uses it with Gmail and his Apple Mail client. But recently, several emails have been lost in transit. Some are personal, some are business. Leo says that there are "black holes" in the system, due to spam filtering. It's possible that is what is happening between Gmail and Hover. If the carrier judges that the sending IP address may be a spammer, then the email will simply vanish. Or it could be intercepted by the spam filters. Gmail is very aggressive about fraudulent emails.