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Why does my Google Chrome shortcut take me to MSN?

Episode 1246

Walter from West Virginia

When Walter clicks on his Google Chrome shortcut on Windows, it keeps taking him to MSN.com. Leo recommends right-clicking on that shortcut and clicking on "Properties." This will show him what that shortcut is actually doing. Leo suspects that at some point, perhaps while installing something, he clicked something that made MSN his home page. But he should look in that shortcut for something about MSN, and he can remove that.

Why is it taking so long to load a web page in Safari?

Episode 1232

Michael from Wisconsin

Michael uses the Safari browser, but it slows to a crawl and the pages time out. Leo says that if he uses a five year old computer, modern sites are going to be a challenge. One thing could be to use a different browser. Michael could download Chrome and see if he has the same problem. If he doesn't, then he'll know the problem is Safari. If the problem persists, then he can look at his connection. Leo also suggests trying an ad blocker to eliminate ads from loading. That'll make it easier. He should also check that Safari is up to date. He may need to update OS X to do that.