web development

What's a good utility for compiling code?


Episode 1538

John from Vernon, FL

John is a web developer and his compiling software isn't working as he needs it to. Leo says that there are different toolsets for different projects. He should check out HomeBrew. It manages to compile really well. Digital Ocean is great as well, because he can have five different tools at once. And it's cheap too.

(Disclaimer: Digital Ocean is a sponsor)

Web Development

Episode 872

Matthew from East Pennsboro, PA

Matthew has been invited to speak at his son’s junior high school about technology, web development and how to be successful with it. Leo says that web development is the hottest growing sector out there. And you don’t need case studies, just tell them why you like what you do. Then play “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Colton. Leo also says there’s a great book about Web Development called Programmer’s At Work by Susan Lammers. Talk to them about the skill set.