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How Can I Read Websites That Use Hard to Read Font Colors?

Stylebot - Google Chrome Extension

Episode 1795

Andy from Ventura, CA

Andrew is tired of seeing unreadable, grayed-out text on websites. Leo blames Wired Magazine for the trend, which started around the early 2000s. And it's even worse on mobile devices. But there are a few tips to work around it. Almost all browsers will allow you to create a custom style sheet to override the settings of a website. It was created for this very reason. But it isn't easy to do. Check out the StyleBot extension in Google Chrome.

Why Are Web Colors So Dull?


Episode 1707

Rusty from San Diego, CA

Rusty is building a website and wants to know how he can get a good bright orange color for it. Leo says that there's a new standard that supports colors that are "web-safe." But there are over 4 billion shades of colors. But  a shade of orange that is too bright is out of the question, even though any display can handle it.  So talk to the web developer about what they're using. If he's got a websafe mindset, maybe he isn't the developer needed. 

You can also go to this site and get the proper color code.

How can I get into web design?

Web design

Episode 1534

Daniel from Long Beach, CA

Dan is thinking of getting into web design. What does he need to do? Leo says that having an understanding of HTML and CSS is important to understand how the websites are built. He should also know Javascript. All three of these are fundamental to learning how to create a good website. There's also Frameworks, which would enable him to design interactive and immersive websites. They are done through Google, Twitter, and others.

How could I get my son started in web design?

Episode 972

Tony from Los Angeles, CA

Tony's son wants to start a website and wants to know what he needs to do to get started. Leo says purchasing a URL is a good idea, but he doesn't have to. He could start off with a free site like WordPress or Blogger. If he wants to learn web design and start from scratch, then Leo advises using a Linux LAMP Stack (Linux Apache My SQL and PHP). A very easy way to do it on the PC is to use XAMPP from Apache Friends. It has a simple installer that can install even to Windows.

What can I replace my iWeb website with now that MobileMe is shutting down?

Episode 886

Ellie from Honolulu, HI

Since iWeb does use standard FTP publishing, she can keep her site intact when she changes web hosts. The problem is, programs like iWeb or FrontPage create proprietary websites that are dependent on those programs. There are a lot of great web hosting services like SquareSpace, but they do not work with iWeb. (Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

Should my next web site use Apple's iWeb?

Episode 873

Josh from Los Angeles, CA

Josh wrote a book and sold it through a third party. For his second book, he’s going to publish it himself, but he needs a webpage and is thinking of using iWeb. Like Microsoft's Frontpage, Apple's iWeb is a proprietary technology that requires you continue to use iWeb forever, I don't like that lock in. Furthermore, Apple shows every sign of discontinuing the program. So let's find a better choice.