What's the story about Google Voice?

Episode 1017

Dave from British Columbia, CAN

Dave is curious about Google Voice, which is being rolled out in Canada. Leo says that Google Voice was originally called Grand Central and was designed to be a cloud based PBX system that could route calls to various phones and voicemail. He could also put a Google Voice app on his smartphone, which would allows him to bypass text message charges. He can also use this to make phone calls. Best of all, it's free!

How can I sandbox kids web activity on computers?

Episode 938

Spence from Denver, CO

Spence's kids are just getting into using a computer under Windows 7 and he wants to sandbox them so they don't screw up his computer or buy something without his knowledge. She accidentally bought an upgrade his Google Wallet for $300!

Leo says that Lifehacker has a great article on sanboxing kids' activity on the web. The chatroom says that there's a linux for kids called QIMO 4 Kids that may also work.