Why do my Craigslist postings keep getting flagged?

Episode 961

Doug from Temecula, CA

Doug keeps posting to Craigslist and he keeps getting flagged. Leo says that if his posts are being flagged, then someone either doesn't like him or he's putting it on the wrong section. It may also be that Doug has been put on a black list for spamming. There's no real way to overturn that.

Ways around it is to use a VPN or Tore, which will hide Doug's IP address. Craigslist has an auto robot that searches posts for spam and kills them, but Craigslist doesn't say how to avoid it.

How can I protect my wireless traffic?

Episode 926

Cameron from Yorba Linda, CA

Cameron is in college and he has friends who have done some hacking. He'd like to set up his computer so it can't get hacked when he uses it, like with an SSH tunnel or virtual private network. Leo says that's a great and wise idea since wireless internet use is like using a radio to broadcast data. Using a VPN or SSH is like drilling a hole into the net that's shielded and encrypted so that hackers can't grab anything that he's using.

Should I be concerned about my data while using a VPN on public Wi-Fi?

Episode 922

Von from Kentucky

Leo says that as long as Von is in a VPN, she's OK. When she isn't using a VPN, however, she is broadcasting in the clear. Since there are often security holes in Windows, she'll want to make sure she keeps Windows up to date. If there's something that really needs to be secured on her drive, she'll want to use encryption. Then even if someone could gain access to her computer, they couldn't get access to those files.

Will an AntiVirus program be enough to protect me on a shared Wi-Fi network like Starbucks?

Episode 917

Christie from Los Angeles, CA

Public Wi-Fi hotspots aren't as much as an issue with viruses, but there are other concerns. Her computer is wide open for anyone to snoop into. Her passwords could also be grabbed if the online email service she's using doesn't encrypt. A good, safe way is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Public VPN.