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Scott Wilkinson - Popular Scientist

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1677

Scott Wilkinson is featured in this month's Popular Science, talking about the high dynamic audio range and how it's constantly needing to be adjusted when watching a movie at home. Scott ways that movies in the theaters are loud, but the spec is 85dBa, with peaks of 120dBa. The acoustic makes up the loudness, though. But when you get home, you don't have that luxury unless you've built it in. So you're constantly turning it up for dialog, and turning it down for things like explosions.

Can TVs Automatically Adjust Sound During Commercials?


Episode 1665

Rich from Poway, CA

Rich wants to know if there's an app that can automatically adjust his commercial volume on his TV. They get louder than regular programming. Leo says that the FCC has required the volume being the same, but due to volume compression, it can sound louder than it actually is. A lot of AV receivers and TVs have an average sound feature that will adjust it. 

Dickie D also shows off the "Shut the F up" Smash TV Mute Button, which will mute the TV during commercials with a quick smash.

Why is Google Calendar making me sign in all the time on my iPhone 6?

Apple iPhone 6

Episode 1168

Bill from Carlsbad, CA

Bill bought an iPhone 6 and he's had a few issues with it. He's having issues with Google Calendar asking him to re-enter his credentials every time he wants to see his calendar. Leo says to go to Mail, Contacts and Calendars in the phone's settings and add his Google account there. He should check what services he wants, and then he won't ever have to log into it again.