voice recorders

What's a good voice recorder?

Zoom H1

Episode 1314

Vidac from Sacramento, CA

Vidac is an international student looking to get into radio. He's studying radio and TV production in school. He's visually impaired and needs a digital voice recorder for lectures. Leo says if they can let him put the mic on the podium where the teacher lectures, then any voice recorder will work. He got the Olympus DS-3500. Leo says that's a common model and Vidac says it's terrible.

Can I use the Apple Watch as a voice recorder?

Just Press Record on Apple Watch

Episode 1255

Ellie from Honolulu, HI

Ellie wants to know how to use the Apple Watch as a voice recorder. Leo says that she can get an iPhone app called Just Press Record that will connect to her Apple Watch and use it as a recorder. It costs $2.99. It transmits the recording both to the iPhone and the Cloud. She can even share the recording via email. There's also an OS X version for $4.99.

What's the best cloud storage backup for external drives? (Part 2)

Episode 998

Vicky from California

Leo says that DropBox is a great option for students, which has 5GB free.

For pictures, Flickr has given users 1 TB of data for free. So that's a solid option to upload images. Or, she can just backup those images to an external hard drive and then take the hard drive off site.

She's also wondering what voice recorders would be best for school. Leo says Olympus makes some very inexpensive voice recorders.