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Is Ooma a Good Alternative to a Landline?

Ooma VoIP

Episode 1812

Joe from Riverside, CA

Joe bought the Ooma VOIP telephone system, and he pays about $6 a month with 911 service. Leo says that Ooma isn't a landline though, and as such, if the internet goes down, so does your phone system. The nice thing about landlines is that you still have phone service for emergencies if the power goes out. But the phone companies don't want to support it anymore. 

What's a good VOIP service for business?

Ring Central

Episode 1619

Vince from Venice Beach, CA

Vince has a business and wants to go VOIP with his telephone. How is Ring Central? Leo says he uses Ring Central, and it doesn't sound or look like a VOIP solution. The advantage with Ring Central is that all those features are done digitally through an app. So you can make and receive company calls using your smartphone. Leo's been using it for eight years and you'll save a ton of money over a regular POTS service.

Microsoft to Redesign Skype

Episode 1307

Microsoft has announced that they will be replacing the peer to peer voiceover IP scheme in Skype with a native server that will route the traffic in a more traditional way. And in doing so, they promise a “lighter, faster and more responsive UWP app for Windows 10, Skype for iPhone, iPad and Android." But it'll be a bumpy ride for Mac and Linux users, and even Windows phone users, until they do. Leo says that Skype has been improving in it's quality of late and it could be that Microsoft's tweaking of the code is a good thing.

What's a good VOIP solution?

Episode 1294

Lane from Huntington Beach, CA

Lane is looking for a good voice over IP (VOiP) phone option. Leo says that Ooma and 8x8 are good because they are rather invisible and he can use regular phones to make calls. To use his mobile phone with it, he'll need a SIP app (session initiation protocol), but they require a SIP provider. There's a company called Obihai which provides the SIP access. Ooma has built up enough of a network so that it's more affordable and a good choice.

How can I get my analog fax machine to work with VOiP?

Episode 947

Martin from Pennsylvania

On Leo's recommendation, Martin is using RingCentral for business phone services, but he can't get their analog fax machine to work with it. Leo says that fax machines don't work well with VOIP and Leo just uses RingCentral's fax service which routes the faxes to email. Martin's business is a doctor's office and it must be HIPPA compliant, which email won't be. He could try a lower speed, but that probably won't work either. Leo says that a dedicated phone line for faxes is probably the most reliable and secure method for faxes.