Why is my HDTV losing sync, causing me to reset it repeatedly?

Vizio LED TV

Episode 928

Paul from Sacramento, CA

Scott says it could be a heat issue. It could also be an issue that can be solved through an external audio source like a sound bar or home theater system. Could it be a problem with the satellite receiver? Scott says that unless the TV before the Vizio had the same problem, then probably not. Check for LipSync control in the menu. Scott recommends taking the TV back since it is still under warranty and let them repair it.

What should I look for when purchasing a TV?


Episode 901

Greg from Whittier, CA

First the size of the TV depends on how far away he's going to be watching from. He'll be 10-12' away from the screen, so a 60-65" TV would be best. Next he needs to consider how much ambient light there is, and if he can darken the room. He has a lot of sun coming in, so Leo recommends an LCD TV. The Plasma TVs aren't as bright and reflect light more.