Can I still use an old computers running XP and Vista?

Windows XP

Episode 1386

Nick from San Fernando, CA

Nick has a very old netbook running Windows Vista. He also has an old Windows XP machine. Will they still be working if he restarts them? Leo says that they should. He may have an issue with authenticating Windows and the software he's using. XP and Vista also pose a security issue as Microsoft has declared them both "end of life" for security fixes. So Leo recommends not connecting it to the internet after authentication. Here are some things he can do to protect himself anyway:

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Bob from Los Angeles, CA

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A new iPad?

Jenny from West Los Angeles, CA

Jenny returned her new iPad2 because she heard a new iPad was coming. Leo says it may have been premature to return it, because rumors are that a new iPad 3 will be announced March 7th - and it’s just speculation. But the timing is right and valid. We’re also hearing it’ll have a very high resolution screen and quad core processor. Just speculation, mind you, but very valid sources are talking. Should she wait? Leo says it’s a good idea to play wait and see, it certainly won’t hurt you to, unless you need that tablet right now. Will it cost more?

Streaming music on Android

Greg from Truckee, CA

Greg is looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone and stream through his Airport Express, but he’s having trouble. Leo says you can’t do it. It isn’t compatible. He uses a SONOS system to bypass that and it allows him to use any device to listen to music off his Android phone. The other option is just to use his MAC to stream. Or his other iPhone.