Can I run OS X virtually in Windows?

Episode 1094

Ross from Ontario, CAN

Ross wants to know if it's possible to run Mac OS X in virtualization on Windows. Leo says no. Mac OS X is firmware dependent, and as such, it requires the Mac hardware to run. It's easier to run the other way by running Windows virtually from a Mac, though. Ross could build a "hackintosh," but Leo says it's illegal to do and Apple's updates break it on a consistent basis. So it's not really worth it.

How can I reinstall Windows without losing old programs?

Episod 1093

Robert from Los Angeles, CA

Robert wants to refresh his Windows PC without losing any programs that he doesn't have discs for anymore. Leo says he's going to lose them, and there's no way around it. There are some apps that claim to move software over, but they don't really work all that great. It's very hit or miss. He could install another version of Windows and have two OS installed, but that'll take up a ton of space. If he has a secondary drive, and installs on that, then that would probably be the best way short of tracking down the program itself.

Could I still get a Mac even though the University wants me to have Windows?

Episode 1003

Nick from Chicago, IL

Leo says that if he prefers Mac and the university wants him to use Windows, he can actually run Windows on his Mac. He can do this either by running Windows virtually, or by using BootCamp in OS X to create a dual boot setup. Leo also recommends checking with the school store to see if they offer a deal on Macs if he buys it there.

How can I install Windows on my Mac?

Macbook Air

Episode 999

Robert from Manhattan Beach, CA

Robert is trying to install Windows 7 onto a MacBook Air, but he gets an error with BootCamp that the partition isn't NTFS. Leo says that one known problem is with the Mac Fusion Drive. If it's just an SSD however, it should work. He'll have to format the disc in Windows Installer, not BootCamp. Apple doesn't do NTFS, it just partitions the hard drive. Let Windows installer do the formatting of NTFS during the installation. Press "O" for options. He'll also need the Apple drivers.

Should I use Bootcamp or Parallels for dual booting Windows on my Mac?

Episode 895

Andy from Montana

He can use both. It really depends on how much hard drive space he wants to dedicate to Windows. Bootcamp will take the hard drive and divide it into two partitions -- one will run Mac OS X, and the other will run Windows. When he starts up, he can choose whether it will be a Windows or Mac machine. When he boots into Windows, it is a full Windows computer and runs at full speed. All the memory and processing speed is devoted to Windows.