Bat Kid Saves "Gotham City" in San Francisco

Episode 1031

Bat Kid is a 5 year old boy who has been suffering from Leukemia since he was 1. His wish was to save Gotham City as Batman, and the Make a Wish Foundation made it happen with the cooperation of the city. 12,000 people were on the streets of San Francisco watching the action. To see the excitement, check out @batkid on Twitter. Even President Obama was involved, and made a Vine video congratulating him.

Facebook Takes on Vine with Instagram Video

Episode 989

Leo says that Facebook was so insecure about users doing Instagram that they bought them. Now that users love doing video on Vine, they've added video to Instagram. Instead of 6 seconds like Vine, Instagram is allowing 15 seconds. At first Leo said it was great, but now he's hearing from disgruntled Instagram users who loved the app because it celebrated the still image. Now that's all gone and the timeline is polluted with videos.