How can I burn the date and time onto my videos?

Episode 1263

Shane from Costa Mesa, CA

Shane is a video guy and he has to edit together video files for court cases. He wants to know how he can put time code onto the image. Leo says that some video cameras will burn the data onto the image as it records. It's a setting in the menu. It does vary by make, model and year of the camcorder. Effen Dunn used to be a videographer for the LAPD and if he can see it on the camera, there should be a way to get it onto the image directly.

How can I get a time and date stamp on my recorded video?

Episode 983

Sean from Clovis, CA

Sean is looking to get a video camera for private investigations work. He needs a camera that will "burn" the time/date stamp on the video itself as opposed to only being able to see that time/date stamp in the viewfinder.

Leo says that used to be a popular feature, but people have complained because they don't remember to turn it off. So it's fallen away as a feature in most video cameras. In that case, Sean may need a program that will read the meta data from the video and burn it into the image while importing to the PC. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere both support this.