How can I backup all my pictures and videos online?

Episode 1062

Richard from Crawley, UK

Richard is trying to back up about 300GB of photographs and videos. He's using Dropbox and it's expensive. He's also tried Carbonite, but it takes too long. Leo says that's because his upload bandwidth is really slow. Amazon has a more affordable option called Glacier. It costs pennies per GB, but it's cheap because he won't have access to it immediately.

Why does my streaming video buffer?

Episode 1050

John from Kendrick, WA

John says that when he watches video online, it buffers and the quality devolves a lot. Leo says it's amazing how we expect streaming video to have the quality of television now. And often it is. But data doesn't arrive in order and on time like a broadcast signal is. It's transmitted in packets and sometimes those packets arrive out of order, and has to wait for the missing packets to be received in order to play them back. If it doesn't arrive, then it stutters to the next available packet. The computer John is using may not be fast enough, though.

Is it legal for me to download software from the Internet Archive?

WayBack Machine

Episode 1045

John from Poconos, PA

John wants to know if the software available at the Internet Archive is legal to download. Leo says that the Internet Archive is a very interesting project. A record of life in the 20th century. It saves websites, audio, video, and even computer software. It's fantastic. But it may not be legal to download software from it. Since it's archival, Leo says it's probably safe to enjoy since the industry basically ignores it. Sooner or later, it'll have to be addressed by both parties, though.

How can I send video through a cable over a long distance?

Episode 1037

Tom from California

Tom has to route video through a cable that's over a hundred feet long. He also wants to split the video signal to two different projectors. Leo says that attenuation will be an issue causing the signal to fade and drop. Leo recommends using Baluns for long distances. They essentially convert the signal to Ethernet and then back to video on the other end. He'll need a VGA to Baluns adapter on either end. Cat5 is best. He can also go with HDMI and Coax.

How can I manage video on a cloud based network?

Episode 1034

Jordan from Glendale, CA

Jordan has a 6 TB RAID array that stores all his video footage for his company. He's having a difficult time keeping track of all the video that has to be distributed online, though. PadreSJ in the chatroom says that there's a program called Digital Fountain that does real time data transport. That's an enterprise solution. There's also BrightCove Video Cloud.

What's the best way to back up my movies?

Episode 1018

Dominic from Bloomindale, IL

Dom has 10 terabytes of movies and TV shows. Could he use Carbonite to back them up? Leo says that Carbonite backs up very slowly. 10TB would take years to upload, and Comcast would likely cut Dom off. It would be expensive to store all that in the cloud. That doesn't mean Dom shouldn't have an off site option. He can use several hard drives, back them up, and swap them out every week. Back up the drive, wrap it in bubble wrap, and then store it somewhere other than his house. Hard drives are really cheap.

How can I lift my camera high in the air?

Episode 1014

Tim from Ventura, CA

Tim needs to take some photos high up in the air and would like to tether a camera connected to his laptop. Leo uses a quadcopter for those kind of shots. It's called the DJI Phantom, it hovers and can be controlled by a computer or smartphone. Using a GoPro camera, he can use the smartphone app to see with it. The downside of the copter is that it only has about 15 minutes of battery life. So he should definitely buy extra batteries.