video recording

How can I record my daughter's games on the cheap?

Canon PowerShot ELPH 520

Episode 1357

Ed from Pennsylvania

Ed has a Hi8mm camera with Firewire and he wants to record directly to the computer. Leo says he probably could, but it won't be in hi def. Even his smartphone would be better in quality than that old Hi8 camera. He'd also need a Firewire drive and Firewire is a dead technology. He'd be a lot better off with a point and shoot, and it would give him 12x optical zoom. A Canon ELPH will cost under $120.

What's the best microphone for recording training videos?

Episode 1050

Mark from Tustin, CA

Mark wants to do training videos for his customers on computers. He tried pairing his BlueParrot Bluetooth headset with his iPad to record, but it didn't work. Leo says the quality isn't that great and the power isn't high enough to record the audio wirelessly. Leo says to use a wired microphone. It's far better. He should also use a digital interface that the iPad can understand.

What's the best mic for recording audio on my smartphone?

Episode 980

Jerry from Plymouth Lake, CT

Jerry is making instructional videos and wants the audio to come through his bluetooth headset while recording it so he can do wirelessly. Leo says that the Bluetooth earpiece profile is only phone quality and that's not what he'll want to record quality audio. Leo advises recording to the iPhone via a lapel mic that's plugged into it. Or, he could try a Wireless system like Audio Technica. It would work great as long as he doesn't get a lot of RF interference.