video chat

Is Google Recording our Duo Video Calls?


Episode 1582

Christie from Mission Viejo, CA

Christie wonders about Google Duo, the Google version of Facetime. Could Google be recording those? Rich says not likely. The video and audio are encrypted, so that would be difficult to do. However, the metadata is fair game. Who she called, how long she was on the call, where she is, etc. But the reality is, free services still cost "something", so it comes with the expectation that some monetization is going on to pay for it.

How could I control and watch TV with someone remotely over the internet?

Episode 979

Matt from San Diego, CA

Matt's father has recently suffered a stroke and he lives across the country. He's concerned about his father's mental stimulation since he was once an avid reader. Leo says that audio books are ideal for that kind of situation. Leo bought his mother a huge iPod classic and an account on Audible to load the books on.

How can I get my camera to show up again in Skype?

Episode 952

George from Santa Monica, CA

George was on Skype the other day and his camera went blank. Leo says that sometimes Skype will forget or get confused if the camera is attached or not. It can also happen if the camera has been taken over by another program exclusively. Try rebooting the computer and then going back into Skype. George says it's on the iPad, not a regular computer. Leo says it could be a bug in the Skype app, and reinstalling it could fix the issue.

Is there a HIPPA compliant way to video chat?

Episode 950

Enrique from Downey, CA

Enrique handles health care at work and would like to be able to do therapy sessions through video chat. He says that HIPPA frowns upon using Skype for this. Leo says that Skype is well known as a secure system, so it'd be strange if it wasn't compliant. Leo suspects that it is, and he should look into that further. Sadly, because Microsoft has bought Skype, it's believed they've put a back door into Skype for government.