video cards

How can I add a second monitor to my computer?

Episode 971

Patrick (MechMan) from Montrose, MI

Patrick wants to add a second monitor to his computer. Leo says it's easy to do if the video card supports it. If it just has two ports, one analog and one digital, then it may not support two. A new video card will probably be required, and even a $50 card will support this.

Web956 says that Patrick's card will support two displays. Leo suggests digging into the monitor settings. This link from the chatroom says that it doesn't work too well, though.

Should I upgrade my video card?

Episode 966

Serge from Canada

Serge is a gamer and has an older ATI gaming video card. He's wondering when he should upgrade it. There are two things to consider in terms of video cards. Cost, and whether the system is powerful enough to justify a more powerful video card. If the GPU is more powerful than the CPU, then he'd be "CPU-bound", meaning the CPU would be holding him back from getting the most out of the video card.