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Why is my monitor displaying inverted colors?

Video card

Episode 1144

Ken from Los Angeles, CA

Ken has a problem with his monitor. All his icons have turned to negative. He tried to change the cable, and he even tried another monitor. Leo says it may be that his settings were changed. Ken should go into accessibility and see if it's set for high contrast mode. But when he unplugs it and plugs it back in, it goes back to normal. Leo says that's odd. Leo says to update the drivers on the video card. If it rights itself when he tries again, that points to a hardware issue and Ken should try replacing the video card.

Why doesn't my video card work with my Mac Pro?

Episode 1094

Paul from Driving on i5

Paul bought a new Mac Pro but he's having issues using a third party video card. Leo says that's because of compatibility issues with drivers. Leo says that it's always best to stick with Mac designed video cards or go with Windows. Mac doesn't play well with third party hardware. He should stick with the card that comes with the Mac. If he still wants a third party video card option, Leo recommends going to MacSales. They will have models of cards that are designed specifically for Mac.

Has my motherboard died?

Newertech Universal Drive Adapter

Episode 1086

Devon from Corona, CA

Devon thought his video card was failing so he removed it and now he's getting no post codes. Could the motherboard be bad? Leo says it could be a number of things, including loose cables or CPUs, memory etc. He should try reseating everything. Leo says Devon may have also lost the CMOS battery in the process, but that wouldn't fail the post.

Why does my computer shut down intermittently?

Episode 1074

John from Orange, CA

John's computer shuts down intermittently. Leo says he has a computer that does it and it's proven to be a flaw, and the company is replacing it. Leo says it's usually related to the power supply, or the computer is overheating. This can trigger a reset. The chat room says it can happen when watching YouTube as video playback is challenging. On the software side, he should make sure he has the latest video card drivers. But if that doesn't work, then he'll have to bring it in.

My computer is booting to a random pattern. How can I fix it?

Episode 1022

Paul from Santa Monica, CA

Paul's PC runs Vista and today he booted up and got nothing but a pattern on his screen. Leo says it sounds like either a bad video driver or a failing video card. Leo advises going into safe mode, reinstalling the video driver and reboot. If it comes back, then he's solved the problem. If not, then he should look into replacing the video card.

Why is my computer booting up to a random pattern?

Episode 971

Derek from Lakewood, CA

Derek was on a file sharing site, he downloaded a file, and the next day his computer was unusable. It just would boot up to a random pattern. Leo says that often, malware is distributed via filesharing sites. So it may be malware. Malware would typically lock the user out and then try to extort money to unlock it. This isn't what it's doing, though.

How can I add a second monitor to my computer?

Episode 971

Patrick (MechMan) from Montrose, MI

Patrick wants to add a second monitor to his computer. Leo says it's easy to do if the video card supports it. If it just has two ports, one analog and one digital, then it may not support two. A new video card will probably be required, and even a $50 card will support this.

Web956 says that Patrick's card will support two displays. Leo suggests digging into the monitor settings. This link from the chatroom says that it doesn't work too well, though.

Should I upgrade my video card?

Episode 966

Serge from Canada

Serge is a gamer and has an older ATI gaming video card. He's wondering when he should upgrade it. There are two things to consider in terms of video cards. Cost, and whether the system is powerful enough to justify a more powerful video card. If the GPU is more powerful than the CPU, then he'd be "CPU-bound", meaning the CPU would be holding him back from getting the most out of the video card.