video cameras

What camera should I use for streaming church services?

Canon M200

Episode 1692

Aaron from Bismark, ND

Aaron's church is using OBS studio and Facebook Live to stream services to the faithful. They are looking at returning to regular services in three weeks, and it will require moving the camera setup to the back of the sanctuary. So what kind of cameras should he get that would be affordable, but effective? Leo says you need a camera with "live, clean HDMI out." Canon makes a small point and shoot that Leo has been using called the Canon M200. Canon designed it for this very purpose. They're about $400-500. Not cheap, but it will do just what you need.

Are Robotic Cameras Good for Recording Sports?


Episode 1659

Chris from Orange, CA

Chris wants to know if the SoloShot robotic camera would be good for recording his son playing hockey. Leo says the technology which follows people is pretty cool. That could be an ideal way to keep track of his kid during the action. Another one called Pixio uses a smartphone. But the downside is that when he is indoors, he'll need to set up additional transponders to know where it is in the indoor space. 

What camcorder should I buy?

Sony RX100

Episode 1218

Timothy from Michigan

Timothy wants to know what camcorder should he buy. Leo says that point and shoot cameras have great video recording capabilities now and the Sony RX100 is great. The Olympus OM-D will allow him to have interchangable lenses. But the bottom line is, he'll likely shoot most of his video with his mobile phone anyway. So he shouldn't get a separate camcorder. But what about long shots? Leo says he doesn't really want long video shots.

What camera should I get to take videos of the kids playing sports?

Olympus Stylus SP-100

Episode 1132

Kevin from Orange County, CA

Kevin is looking for a camera/camcorder option that can record video and take stills at the same time. Leo says that most cameras can do that today. He's also wondering about taking photos at distances over 50 feet. Leo says he likes Olympus. They have the Stylus Sp-100 with the Eagle Eye 50x optical zoom.

What camera should I buy to record dancing?

Canon Vixia

Episode 1108

Chad from Portland, OR

Chad is a ballroom dancing choreographer and he wants to start recording his dances and archive them. He's trying to raise money for equipment on He's looking to get a camera and he doesn't know if he should get a Canon 5D Mk. III or if there's a more affordable option that will give him broadcast quality. Leo suggests that if it's a live performance, he should record with multiple cameras to get close ups, medium shots, and establishing shots.

How can I connect a camera to my Android Tablet?

Episode 1095

Eric from Torrance, CA

Matthew has an 11" Asus T100 and he wants to get a smaller tablet. He wants it to work with an inspection camera. He hates Windows 8. Leo says that's no surprise. But if the camera comes with software, then he may be limited. If it's just a generic USB plugin, he may still be stuck. Some tablet's USB plugs only work for charging. He'll need a tablet with a USB plug supported for OTG or "on-the-go" options.

What video camera should I upgrade to?

Episode 983

John from Prescott Valley, AZ

John is looking to upgrade his video camera and wants to know what to do. Leo says that camcorders have almost been replaced overnight by smartphones and DSLRs, which can provide as good or even better quality. Especially DSLRs, which offer exchangeable lenses. The slight downside is that DSLRs have a limited recording time of about 29 minutes. That makes camcorders still beneficial for long form recording.

What video camera do you recommend?

Episode 961

Liza from Ontario, CA

Liza wants to get a new video camera and wants Leo's recommendation. Leo says it depends on what she's planning to use it for. Camcorders are disappearing as more people rely on their still cameras and smart phones. Both of which do really good video these days. Liza says they don't shoot for very long, though. She wants to record soccer games from beginning to end. Leo recommends the Canon Vixia HF-R300 for under $300.