USB Headsets

What is a Good Mic for Video Calling?


Episode 1695

"Chef Guy" from Agua Caliente, CA

Chef Guy agrees with Leo that the so-called "Zoom fatigue" is setting in. Could it be due to bad audio quality?  Leo says that could definitely be a contributing factor. The better quality audio you provide, the better. But most people Zoom using their computer laptop microphones. Would a lav and earbud microphones help? Leo says that a better choice is a Plantronics Model 540 or 478 USB headset. But good luck getting them these days.

Why do I get a bluescreen when unplugging my USB Headset?

Episode 1248

Camden from Mission Viejo, CA

Cam has a USB headset that causes a bluescreen of death when he unplugs it, and then his USB ports stop working. Leo suspects that the USB driver is corrupted. It could also be a bad USB port or short circuit in the headset. But he should always test the driver. He should remove it in Device Manger - Windows Key + X, then select "Device Manager." Then let it reacquire and install the drivers.

What's the best USB headset to use for Skype?

Plantronics Dot Audio 995

Episode 890

Matthew from Enola, PA

Most microphones on headsets are omnidirectional, meaning they pick up sound equally in all directions. He'll want something that's highly directional, though. Leo doesn't know of any inexpensive headsets that are directional. The one Leo uses and recommends is the Plantronics Dot Audio 995. It has a noise canceling microphone which might help reduce other sounds.