What Android phone should I buy?

Google Pixel

Episode 1374

Jenny from San Diego, CA

Jenny is ready to upgrade her phone on Verizon. She's been thinking about the Google Pixel. Leo says without a doubt, it's the best phone on the market. The hardware is superb, and the camera is one of the best. It's pure Google and they update it faster than any other phone on the market. That makes it very secure. However, they're not only expensive, but they're also in high demand.

What happened to my photos after upgrading to Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10

Episode 1333

John from West Los Angeles, CA

John upgraded to Windows 10 on his desktop and his images are missing. Leo says this is a prime reason why you should always backup before doing an upgrade. John did, but he's still wondering what happened? Leo says it's been reported by several people and Leo says he hopes the photos were moved to another folder. It's possible that the images are in a 'Windows.old' folder or that the shared folder pointed to another folder that got deleted. Either way, it's bad behavior on the part of microsoft.

Why isn't the RAM working in my computer?

Episode 1263

Kevin from Alhambra, CA

Kevin's RAM was failing so he put it into another channel and it worked. Leo says the motherboard manual will show him how to install RAM and sometimes he'll need to put the RAM in pairs. A slot may be bad.

Should he build a whole new machine? Would it be faster? Leo says that it may not. But if he fixes the motherboard, it might. SSDs are probably fine to keep. The chatroom says that the memory should still work, just not in dual channel.

Why can't I use iChat anymore?

Episode 1241

Chris from Los Angeles, CA

Chris has been chatting online with his parents for years via iChat. Now it doesn't work. Leo says that Apple killed iChat back in OS 10.7. He'll have to use Messages now, which can be a bit confusing. He may have to upgrade to get it to work. Can he go straight OS X El Capitan? Leo says Chris will need to add the app store first. But if it won't download, it may be that his computer isn't compatible. He should still upgrade as far as he can, though.

What can I do if my Windows 10 install fails?

Episode 1211

Rob from Vacaville, CA

Rob got an invitation to upgrade to Windows 10, it died right in the middle of the upgrade, and now he can't do anything. He tried to revert to Windows 7 but it won't work. He's heard that his RAID may be the culprit. Leo says if he can boot to his Windows 7 DVD, he should be able to format and reinstall. Leo believes that Rob's RAID array or his hard drive has likely failed. So he may have to rebuild everything.

Why can't I access the internet with Windows 10?

Windows 10

Episode 1207

Michael from Anaheim, CA

Michael updated to Windows 10, and now he doesn't have internet access. He went to Microsoft's website and downloaded it. Leo says he did it that way and a lot of devices didn't get the needed drivers. So Leo thinks that being impatient and updating before Microsoft pushes it is not the way to go. It's much better to upgrade when Microsoft says your copy is ready, and that way you get all the drivers and proper activation.

Microsoft Launches Windows 10: Should You Install it Right Away?

Episode 1207

On July 29th, Microsoft launched Windows 10 (Threshold) and so far, Leo likes it, a lot. However, Leo says users shouldn't be in a rush to upgrade because it was launched early, and there will be another more polished version coming out in the Fall. So if you're not in a rush to upgrade, don't. Added features include a replacement for Internet Explorer called "Edge," and it's not really ready for prime time just yet, as some plugins like Last Pass don't work. So Microsoft also added Internet Explorer to continue to use. Ugh. Edge though, will be more done in the fall.

When will Windows 10 be available?

Episode 1193

Ben from Brentwood, CA

Ben wants to know when he can buy a Windows 10 machine. Leo says it's coming July 29, and if he already has a Windows 7 machine, he can expect to upgrade for free. He should just be on the lookout for the upgrade to the Windows 10 app in his system tray, and sign up to reserve his copy. But not everyone was selected for this free reservation opportunity. When will the new machines be available? Leo says it's probably going to be this August. They'll have some cool features including the Microsoft Hello camera that uses facial recognition to log users in. No more password required.

Can I install a blu-ray player into my laptop?

Episode 1019

Matt from Hillsborough, NJ

Matt has a Lenovo laptop and he wants to install a Blu-ray player in it. Leo says that because Blu-ray is more copy protected than a DVD burner, it's more of a challenge to use it on a computer. Windows 8 does support Blu-ray, but he'll still need HDCP support which could require more software. Leo recommends looking around to see if anyone's done this with his particular laptop before he proceeds. While he's at it though, Matt should also install a solid state drive, which will make it a lot faster.

Will my new laptop be able to upgrade to Windows 8?

Episode 915

Bobby from San Bernadino, CA

Absolutely. It may cost about $15 for the upgrade, but any computer made from the last few years will be able to go up to Windows 8.

Bobby also just bought a "lifetime" subscription to Viper AntiVirus. Leo says that AVS companies are going lifetime subscriptions now to get the most money out of you since Windows 8 will ship with an AVS for free later this year, and most people won't buy a subscription ever again. But even so, $90 for three computers isn't too bad at all.