unlimited data

Does an unlimited wireless plan really mean unlimited?

Unlimited Plans Example

Episode 1636

Robbie from Nashville, TN

Robbie is frustrated with his unlimited cellular plan because he's being throttled relentlessly. So bad to the point that he can't really do anything. But when he signs onto wifi, it's just fine.  So they signed up for a 10GB plan, it was much faster. Leo says that unlimited doesn't mean "as fast." And on Verizon, some of the plans will throttle from bite zero, some after 5GB. There are five plans in total. So you have to read the fine print. It sounds like Robbie had the Unlimited "start" plan. 

Can I get an iPhone with unlimited data?

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Episode 1269

Ellie from Honolulu, HI

Ellie has a friend who wants an iPhone with unlimited data. Leo says Sprint and T-Mobile are the two carriers that offer unlimited data. They're very affordable as well. In fact, T-Mobile has a pay as you go deal for $30 that includes unlimited data and texting, and 100 minutes of calling. That's a bargain. If she doesn't mind a Google Nexus phone, then Google Fi is a great pay as you go plan.

How can I keep my existing unlimited data plan?

Episode 1001

Austin from Baltimore, MD

Austin has an unlimited data plan with Verizon. He's moving to a new job and wants to take over the plan so he doesn't lose it. Leo says Austin will have to talk to Verizon, but they don't want him on an unlimited plan and will seize any opportunity to get him out of it. He'll have to do some sweet talking and the retention experts is Austin's best bet. It may be that it's regulatory that they transfer the account. They will want to keep him as a customer, they just need a good enough reason. If he tells them he's leaving as a customer, he might have a chance.

Am I allowed to buy a Verizon phone through someone other than Verizon?

Episode 932

Duval from Charlotte, NC

He can buy a phone from someplace else, but he would still run the risk of losing his unlimited plan. Leo says there's no way to really 'trick' them, because no matter where he buys the phone, it has to be activated through Verizon. They don't have SIM cards that can just be put into another phone.

If he buys a phone without the subsidy, he may be able to keep the unlimited data, however.

Is there a way I could get a new phone without giving up unlimited data on Verizon?

Galaxy Note II

Episode 932

Kathy from Tustin, CA

Leo says she really will have to just give that up to get a new phone that has LTE. Since phones are capable of becoming hotspots, Verizon and the other carriers are concerned that people will use their phones as their primary internet connection. This is especially a concern with LTE because in a lot of cases, it's faster than most people's home internet.