Uninterruptible power supplies

What Is a UPC?


Episode 1836

Fred from Frazier Park, CA

Fred wants to know about uninterruptable power supplies (UPC). Leo says that they are in essence, a huge battery that you plug into, which is then plugged into your power plug. If the electricity goes out, the battery takes over. APC is the best for this.

Why Do My AV Receivers Keep Dying?


Episode 1782

Ed from Tulsa, OK

Ed has bought three AV receivers over the last five years, and all three have died in less than two years. Leo says that adding a surge suppressor that does power conditioning and an uninterruptable power supply will guard against "dirty power" and power spikes that can happen after a power outage. It's not normal for AV receivers, or any tech, to die too quickly and consistently. So it points to something other than the device itself. Leo also recommends not putting them in a sealed cabinet, which can cause overheating. You can also look for a line conditioner.