ultra high definition

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1091

Scott is back to talk home theater and the World Cup! He's heard that in Brazil, they've banned the use of the vuvuzella since it was such a problem last time. Scott has also heard that the World Cup is being recorded in 4K and the final will be broadcast in UHD. But not many will be able to see it in 4K at all. They should at least stream it in 4K, but they're not. They are recording it for a movie down the road. Leo wonders if this is the next step and that in 4 years we'll see it in 4K. The train has left the station. In fact, NHK in Japan is testing 8K right now.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1089

Leo just upgraded to Comcast's more professional internet package and it doesn't come with bandwidth shaping or caps and Netflix runs so much better. But it wasn't cheap. Scott says that moving forward, that's what you're going to need when we get into the 4K world, because ISPs are going to want to buffer the content that uses that much data.

Should I buy a Sony 4K TV?

Sony 4K TV

Episode 1076

Marcos from Glendora, CA

Marcos needs Leo's opinion of a Sony 65" 4K TV for $3995, which comes with the media player. Leo says that Sony has to give away the media player because there's no other 4K content out there at the moment, and that's the biggest issue. But does it cost more than it should for this? Leo says that even though the price is incredible for what he's getting, he doesn't think it's time to buy a 4K TV yet.

Scott Wilkinson and NAB in 4K

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1071

Scott is heading to NAB this week to see what the professionals are doing with 4K. Scott is interested because it will largely impact the standards of ultra high definition moving forward, and that will greatly drive the consumer market. But how will content be graded by pros to take advantage of the new standard? That hasn't been determined yet and Scott will see where it's going at NAB. There's also trends in high dynamic range and color gamut, which are going to provide a broader range of colors with ultra high definition.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 963

Scott has been getting tons of questions lately on whether people should buy a 4K TV. Scott says that they're not even out yet, but sure, if you can afford the $25-40,000 price tag! The Sony 4K TV costs $25K, and comes with a nice video server and 10 blu-ray quality movies loaded on. Sony also plans to update that server with more movies.

Scott Wilkinson and Ultra High Defintion

Episode 931

Scott has seen the world's first consumer grade 4K television. He stood a few feet in front of the screen and he couldn't see any pixels, that's how high resolution it is. It costs $25,000, and comes with a 4K Media Server and 10 movies preloaded. Sony will periodically send users movie data discs so they can load up new movies from Sony Pictures. Scott hopes that other studios will want to join in on this, too. 4K is four times the resolution of high def, and 8K is already on the horizon. 8K will be so realistic, that it looks like the person is really there.