Ultra HD

Why are people buying 4K TVs if there's not much content available for it?

Vizio P-Series Ultra HD TV

Episode 1328

Alan from Laguna Nigel, CA

Alan's wondering why people are buying 4K TVs when there isn't a lot of content available in 4K yet. Scott says it's because manufacturers are all making 4K TVs, and aren't even really making 1080p TVs anymore. While he's right about there not being a lot of native 4K content yet, it is growing and there is some. When you don't have 4K content, the TV will upscale it, and then the question becomes what TV has the best upscalers. So when reading reviews, look for how the reviewers evaluate the upscalers.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 991

Scott is back from the HD Line Show in New York and the big news was nothing but Ultra HD (4K) displays. Scott says that he participated in roundtable discussions and the issue is about content. There's a serious lack of it at the moment. He also learned that the average screen size of TVs is increasing over time, which is good because to really appreciate the benefits of 4K, you need a large screen.