How can I clean out my computer?

Episode 976

Travis from Los Angeles, CA

Travis has an old Dell PC that has Windows XP and has been bit by viruses. What he'd like to do is not only start over, but start over with Linux. But unfortunately, his optical drive isn't working right. Leo says that even if the optical drive is seen by the PC, if it's not reading a disc, it's likely their broken. Could it work if he clean out the dust? Leo suggests to use a small hand vacuum to suck out the dust, that would avoid static electricity. But also check the connectors themself. But a DVD drive is very cheap to replace.

How can I dedicate one of my screens to a TV tuner card on Linux?

Episode 968

Brent from Sydney, AUS

Brent has a TV tuner card in his computer with two screens, and he's using Linux. He wants to dedicate one of his monitors to TV. Leo says that is likely a software issue and that Hauppage doesn't support Linux. That doesn't mean there isn't a third party open source driver option. MythTV is a linux based system and they have a list of which cards work and which don't in Linux.

Why do people in YouTube videos look blue on Savion Linux?

Episode 922

Kevin from North Carolina

Kevin is a Linux guy who runs two different flavors of the open source OS. He's having one issue though and that's with playing YouTube videos on Savion Linux. The people in these YouTube videos appear blue! Leo says it would've been a flash issue if it was true with either version of Linux, but with Savion only? That's crazy! So it must be a color issue (that Leo has dubbed "Smurfing.")

How can I speed up my 7 year old computer?

Episode 918

Neil from El Segundo, CA

Leo says that dogs age 7 years for every human year, and with computers it's even worse. Computers probably age 15 years for every 1 year. So it's not surprising that it's slow. If he were to restore it to the way it came from the factory, it would be exactly as fast as it was then. The problem is, over time, we want to use newer software. The web has also gotten a lot more elaborate. If he wants to do exactly what he was doing in 2005, it would be as fast as it was then. But that's not the case, he's doing more modern things and using more modern software.