How can I get SP3 for Windows XP?

Episode 1319

Fernando from Neurenberg, Germany

Fernando can't download Windows XP Service Pack 3. Leo says that's because they've stopped supporting XP. Can he get it elsewhere? Leo says not to go anywhere but Microsoft to get updates. It's just not safe, especially from Softonic. They usually add stuff that will install other things he doesn't want. But really, he's no less secure without it if he just follows the following guidelines:

How can I speed up my computer?


Episode 1232

Kinan from California

Kinan has a Gateway laptop with a broken screen and he's got it hooked up to an external monitor. It's getting slow and he wants to speed it up. If he's never reinstalled Windows on the machine, it's a good idea to backup his data, format the hard drive and reinstall Windows from a known source. The hard drive may be wearing out, too. Another option would be to try Ubuntu Linux.

Why can't I install Linux?

Episode 1222

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay is trying to install Linux on an old laptop and it just won't install. He's trying to use Lubuntu. Leo says Jay is going to want to use Ubuntu's Package Manager for the installer and Chromium is the default browser. It could be an issue with the library. He should check with Chromium to see if the browser is having issues with it. He may need to go find the missing library and install it. This is why Linux is a third party OS, and not mainstream. It's so open source that he has to support himself on it.

Should I wait for the Ubuntu phone?

Episode 1196

Rusty from Mobile, AL

Rusty is an open source fan and has heard about the Ubuntu phone. Should he wait for it? Leo says that he's a fan of Ubuntu but it's very unfinished and he imagines that a phone OS is probably going to be the same. It's primarily aimed at emerging markets where price is a consideration. If you like Ubuntu, it's probably very usable. But there won't be a lot of apps for it and that's going to be a frustration,.

What's a good Linux version to run on an old eMac?

Episode 1186

Louis from Ontario, CAN

Louis wants to run a dummy web server on an old eMac for running Ruby and Ajax. Leo says the eMac was good for its time, but he'll need a Linux distro that's compatible. Ubuntu may be too heavy for it. Running it command line would be the best for that computer and how low power it is. Linux Mint has a Power PC version. Check out DistroWatch.org, where they list all the Linux distributions, and he can pick the features he wants.

Why can't my linux machine boot up?

Episode 1083

Jan from Placerville, CA

Jan upgraded his old netbooks with Ubuntu. But when he booted up, he ran into trouble. Leo says that most Linux installs have a boot CD mode and it's a good idea to try booting from that before installing it so he can see what works and what doesn't. Jan got his way through it and booted it up. Everything works fine. But when it turned it on the next day, he got nothing, just a command prompt. Leo says that it may be the install wasn't done at after all, and Jan just booted without the CD. So boot back to the DVD and run the installer.