What should former Posterous users do now that it's been shut down?

Episode 967

Steven from Willoughby, OH

Steven went to China and while he was there, he posted his travels to Facebook and Twitter by first posting to Posterous. Sadly, Twitter bought Posterous and shut it down at the end of the month. They offered a transfer utility to back it up, but it didn't really work all that well for Steven. Leo says that's a cautionary tale about free services. One day they're here, the next they get purchased and shut down.

SXSW Is This Weekend In Austin, TX

Episode 960

South by Southwest is this weekend in Austin, TX. Since Twitter first became popular there in 2007, it's become so popular that apps can't really rise above the noise to gain real traction or interest there. While there's a fear of missing out, there really isn't much going on there this year except for Sergey Brin and a small group of people wearing the new Google Glasses that haven't launched yet.

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What are some basic things to know about using Twitter?

Episode 952

Cheryl from California

Cheryl is new to Twitter and wants to know about using it. Leo says that using a hashtag will enable people to search and see her public tweets when they scan that hashtag. Also addressing someone with an "@" symbol and their twitter handle (Leo's is @LeoLaporte). Always use a hashtag, though, that makes it searchable. It may or may not appear in a specific feed.

My Twitter account was hacked. Is there any way to get my handle back?

Episode 902

Dennis from Louisville, KY

Dennis got hacked in a similar way to Mat Honan. The hacker stole his Twitter handle and Twitter won't give it back. He could fill out a ticket that someone is impersonating him on Twitter, but the sad fact is he may not ever get a response. It would be great if Twitter had additional levels of security, but they aren't there yet. Twitter isn't making any money and it's a free service, so they're not motivated to really go the extra mile.