Twitter IPO Gets Dress Rehearsal

Episode 1026

The New York Stock Exchange has decided to learn from NASDAQs Facebook disaster and simulated a Twitter IPO to make sure that the NYSE could handle the traffic when Twitter's Stock goes live. Twitter's stock is expected to fetch around $17 a share, making the company worth about $10 Billion. Leo says it's very interesting that a company that hasn't really made any money should be worth so much.

How can I use Social Media in my concerts?

Episode 1022

Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan is a music student getting his Masters and he's putting on a chorale recital soon. He would like to create a way for his audience to interact with their smartphones, follow along with the score, and more. He's using QR codes that link to DropBox files of the scores and wants to set up a mobile chatroom. Leo says that the music group Umphrey's McGee is really good at stuff like this. They also do stuff like take requests and sell the concert on USB key afterwards.

Plane Crashes While Landing at SFO, Twitter Breaks the Story First

Episode 993

A Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines crashed while landing at SFO, and Twitter had the story before any of the major news networks. YouTube video and pictures of the smoke coming from the plane were posted from people at the airport, and even from someone who was on the plane.

CNN has since posted a rundown of all of the events and facts of the crash:

Johnny Jet and the SFO Plane Crash

Episode 993

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about the SFO crash and how Twitter (hashtag #sfo) is always the best place for breaking news. Johnny says it reminds him of the miracle on the Hudson where Captain Sullenberger managed to land his plane on the Hudson and saved most everyone safely. The same is true here, and it's really an amazing miracle. Johnny also recommends going to to find out flight delay information if you're traveling to or from SFO today. Sign up for flight alerts from you airline on Twitter, as well.

What should former Posterous users do now that it's been shut down?

Episode 967

Steven from Willoughby, OH

Steven went to China and while he was there, he posted his travels to Facebook and Twitter by first posting to Posterous. Sadly, Twitter bought Posterous and shut it down at the end of the month. They offered a transfer utility to back it up, but it didn't really work all that well for Steven. Leo says that's a cautionary tale about free services. One day they're here, the next they get purchased and shut down.

SXSW Is This Weekend In Austin, TX

Episode 960

South by Southwest is this weekend in Austin, TX. Since Twitter first became popular there in 2007, it's become so popular that apps can't really rise above the noise to gain real traction or interest there. While there's a fear of missing out, there really isn't much going on there this year except for Sergey Brin and a small group of people wearing the new Google Glasses that haven't launched yet.

Get more info on SXSW at

What are some basic things to know about using Twitter?

Episode 952

Cheryl from California

Cheryl is new to Twitter and wants to know about using it. Leo says that using a hashtag will enable people to search and see her public tweets when they scan that hashtag. Also addressing someone with an "@" symbol and their twitter handle (Leo's is @LeoLaporte). Always use a hashtag, though, that makes it searchable. It may or may not appear in a specific feed.