Will I be able to bring my laptop to Europe?

Microsoft Excel on iOS

Episode 1395

Sara from Studio City, CA

Sara is a painter and is traveling to Florence, Italy to showcase some of her art. She's worried she may not be able to bring her laptop back when she returns, though. Leo says that policy hasn't been decided yet on airlines from Europe. But it could, and if so, she'll have to check her laptop in her bag. Or she could ship it back. She will be able to return with it, just not in the main cabin.

Leo says if she has a tablet or iPhone, she could use that instead, and Excel runs quite well on iOS.

TSA & Customs Are Asking for Social Media Passwords


Episode 1365

Recently, privacy advocates have become aware that US Customs and the TSA are demanding travelers turn over passwords to their social media and demanding travelers open up their laptops and mobile devices to gain your data. Leo says that is clearly a violation of privacy and the fifth amendment. That passwords and fingerprint ID should be protected. Leo recommends turning off all your devices while you're re-entering the country. But they may detain you until you do. So be ready to call a lawyer.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1287

This week's website - Tired of the long TSA lines? Check out I Hate the Wait. People are taking pictures of their TSA lines and posting them with the tag line #IHateTheWait. Airlines are even complaining about people missing their flights because of the TSA checkin. Johnny says that's why it's always best to get to the airport several hours in advance. Bring a book, check in unhurried and then wait. Also get TSA Precheck. But even that can be a 20 minute wait. The TSA gives suggested wait times, but it's not really that accurate.

Johnny Jet

Episode 971

Johnny Jet got through customs in Canada really quickly today because he has a Global Entry Card. For $100, you get a GE Card that represents that you've been vetted and a background check made. What the GE card does is speed your re-entry into country. They take your fingerprints and do an iris scan. And then, when you check in, it's a few minutes from terminal to gate. Great for business travelers. Leo likes it and wants to go.