Sam Abuelsamid ... towed

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1716

Sam joins Leo to talk about what truck you should buy if you want to not only tow something but do it in a high tech fashion. Sam says the latest technology in towing, offers trailer sway control and trailer backup assist. 

Trailer sway control prevents the trailer from moving side to side in windy conditions. The TSC recovers all by itself through a series of braking maneuvers on each wheel and adjusting the torque of the engine until the trailer is going straight again. All automatically. 

The Giz Wiz ... at the Auto Show

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1586

This week, Dickie D was at the 2019 NY auto show and saw an interesting electric truck concept by Rivian. But it became a lot more interesting with an article about Ford in Thursday's (4/25/19) New York Times. Seems Ford is VERY interested in this truck and this company and is investing $500 million in it. That's after Amazon's $700 million investment, so Rivian must be on to something big! Amazon reportedly wants them to build electric delivery trucks for them. Rivian has introduced the first fully electric truck Dickie D has heard of: the Adventure R1T.

Will trucks become self driving like Teslas?

Semi Truck

Episode 1548

Roy from Orange County, CA

Roy is a trucker who's looking forward to 5G. Leo says he won't see robust 5G for a few years at least. It'll be spotty at first, and companies like Apple won't support it at the very beginning. Roy is also an expert on self-driving semi trucks. Leo says everyone is terrified of a massive 18 wheeler driving itself down the highway. Roy says that the US Department of Transportation is going to require extensive testing before certification. And it will require a safety driver. But ultimately, the trucks will be completely unmanned. And that's going to put a lot of drivers out of a job.

Will there be self driving trucks soon?

Episode 1252

Clarence from Virginia

Clarence is a truck driver and he's been hearing about autonomous trucks that will be coming in the future. 8,000 lbs of freight rolling down the highway with nobody behind the wheel. And they're testing them now already. Leo says it's interesting, but scary. But with sensors like the On Guard system to sense how fast a car in front of you is traveling and reacting automatically, it's only a matter of time before this happens.