Why does my laptop display look weird?

Episode 1196

Beth from Laguna Woods, CA

Beth's laptop display is acting up. She turned it on and the display went weird with the colors being off, and the orientation being portrait. Leo says it could be a corrupted video driver. It could also be the ribbon cable in the laptop hinge. It's a cheap fix, but she'll need a technician to repair it. Beth can plug in an external monitor to see if it works. If it does, then she'll know it's a faulty connection. She should ultimately take it in to someone for repair.

Why can't I use my minijack on my computer?

HP Envy 23

Episode 1168

Dave from Los Angeles, CA

Dave recently got an HP Envy 23 All-in-One computer system. The problem is, there's a single jack for input/output and he can't get it to work for audio. He can use a USB based solution, but not a mic jack. Leo says that the USB mic is much better anyway since it's digital. Leo says that ripping albums requires a preamp in order to record them. Then he'll need an analog to digital converter.

Why does the Wi-Fi drop out on my iPhone?

iPhone 6

Episode 1129

Byron from Crystal Lake, IL

Byron's internet radio cuts out when he's listening on his iPhone running iOS 8.1. Leo says that intermittent Wi-Fi has plagued iOS for years, and Leo says that the nature of the beast is to have drop outs. But since iOS 7 it's really been a big problem. Leo says that Apple must be doing something odd because it's a common complaint.

Wi-Fi can often be promiscuous and can jump from access point to access point, dropping the signal. It could be the metal cases causing the problem. Byron can reset or update the firmware of the router. That could help, but the fix is elusive.

How can I get my Time Warner email?


Episode 1128

Jan from Carlsbad, CA

Jan is having trouble with her Time Warner Roadrunner email account. It won't load. Leo says that it could be an incorrect credentials when she set up the email account, so she should double check the username and password. There's also been a message saying that Time Warner is upgrading their platform and it may cause login issues. Leo says that's annoying, and just plain bad luck. They're probably just moving servers and if Jan gives it a few days, it should work again.

Why does Google Play stutter when I play audio over bluetooth?

Samsung Galaxy S5

Episode 1126

Pat from Pam Beach, FL

Pat has a Samsung Galaxy S5, and when he's streaming through Google Play, he gets random pauses. Leo says if it's streaming, that's bandwidth buffering. If it's local, there could be stuff in the background that's using the processor. Leo suggests turning the phone off and on, and maybe even doing a factory reset. But then he'll have to redownload all of his apps.. Google will remember his account information though.

How can I get the Samsung music player off my Galaxy S4?

Episode 1059

Josh from Irvine, CA

Josh has a Galaxy S4 that he likes, but the music widget keeps coming back and he hates it. Leo says that's not unusual. There's usually a default music player that Samsung uses. Leo says he can change the app on his lock screen in the display settings. That won't stop it from launching, though. Leo says one of the reasons he stopped using the Galaxy S4 is what he calls "Samsung interference."