Why Can't I Overwrite a File in Windows Explorer?

Windows File Explorer

Episode 1840

Alan from North Hollywood, CA

Alan is having issues with File Explorer. It’s preventing him from making a copy of a file. He wants to overwrite a file, not have a new version. Leo says that a recent update may no longer offer the option of overwriting a file. You can do it still, at the command line. There is a “switch” for that. But in the Graphic interface, the behavior seems to have changed and forced versioning. Alan could try r/c on the file and see if the option is there. You can r/c and drag it into the folder. That’s a secret overwrite command.

Why Can’t I Connect to My Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon FireTV Stick

Episode 1840

Randy from Seattle, WA

Randy's computer is having issues with HDMI after a recent Windows 10 update. Now the Amazon Fire Stick or his AppleTV won't connect. He gets a black screen. Leo isn't sure why HDMI stopped working, but it could be copy protection (HDCP) designed to prevent you from copying content. Everything in the chain, from the computer to the cables and devices, has to be HDCP compliant. With the update, it could be that Microsoft broke the HDCP compliance. Check your drivers. You could try a different video driver to reestablish it. Even an older driver, so try rolling back.

Why Can’t I Fill In a Form Online With an Email Address?


Episode 1832

Mike from San Luis Obispo, CA

Mike keeps having problems where online forms won't accept his email address, saying it's not a valid email. It doesn't matter what browser or computer he uses. What gives? Leo says to make sure you're using a US region keyboard in the regional settings. It may have been changed unwittingly. It also could be an issue with your keyboard driver. Gmail also acknowledges dots and dashes in an email, while some websites do not. So if you have, Gmail will accept that, but a form may not. 

Why Won't My PC Turn On?


Episode 1831

Allison from Mission Viejo, CA

Allison's HP desktop computer turns off all by itself. Now it won't turn on. Leo says to check the easy things first. Is it plugged in? Make sure the power cable hasn't come loose from the power supply. If all that is plugged in, chances are the power supply has died, preventing the power from getting to the motherboard. It's an easy fix, but it may require a proprietary power supply from HP. Even then, it shouldn't cost more than $100 to replace! 

When Troubleshooting, Test or Replace the Cheap Parts First

When troubleshooting connected hardware tech, you should test out which component is causing the problem before hastily buying a whole new system. Try replacing parts like the cables before moving on to monitors, receivers, computers, etc. If the problem can be identified as the cable/wires, it will be a relief to your wallet. As a rule of thumb: Start with the cheap stuff, then work your way on up to the more expensive items if necessary.

Why Has My AV Speaker Gone Out?


Episode 1825

Richard from West LA, CA

Richard's optical speakers are suddenly malfunctioning with only one speaker working. Leo says if the wires are connected, then it could be a bad speaker wire. They can fail. The speaker can also fail. Do the easy thing first ... replace the wires. Also, try using a different device like a turntable. That will eliminate the receiver. Also, change the connections from left to right. If the other speaker goes out and the current speaker has sound again, then the AV receiver may be going out.

Why's My Android Slow Running PetCube?


Episode 1821

David from Atlanta, GA

David has an Android phone and he's using the PetCube app to watch his pets remotely. But he's having issues getting the signal via wifi. It's really slow. Leo says that he doesn't normally have WiFi peer-to-peer notifications. It has to go up to PetCube's server first, and then to the phone. Look in the notifications setup to see if the push notifications are being allowed to wake up the phone. Leo suspects that the PetCube server is probably running really slow.