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Johnny Jet ... in Six Months

Johnny Jet

Episode 1758

Johnny Jet says that right now is a great time to buy tickets in advance because there is a lot of flexibility. Airlines are dropping change fees, and business travel isn't coming back for at least six months, if ever. So airlines have to rely on leisure travel. So if you can get a great deal on a flight in July, make sure you read the fine print and can make a free change if you need to, and go for it. Travel prices will go up once the vaccine is widespread. So right now is a great time to buy.

Johnny Jet ... Nowhere to Go


Episode 1713

Johnny Jet is still not flying, but the fact is, there's really nowhere to go. The Bahamas just locked out travel from the US and you have to quarantine even where you can travel. But Air BnB has had its biggest month ever, and camping is making a huge comeback. People are going to the beach too. So there's plenty to do locally. 

The big news this week, though, is that Airlines and Hotels are making no exceptions for not wearing a mask. All are requiring masks. Disney World has cracked down as well. Some are wearing plastic face shields instead.

Johnny Jet ... three weeks early

Johnny Jet

Episode 1620

Johnny Jet's second child came this week. Her name is Olivia Grace, and she came three weeks early. Johnny was in Las Vegas, at the time, but was able to get to the airport via an Uber and fly out within minutes. He made it in time for the delivery as well. Very exciting times. It was like a movie, with the Uber driver picking him up and weaving in and out of traffic to get to the airport, and he flew out within the hour. 

Johnny Jet ... In the City

Johnny Jet

Episode 1578

Johnny Jet is delivering a travel speech in Dallas this week - his fifth in three months! 

App of the week - Shaka Guide. There are four different narrated tours for driving around Hawaii.  Another version - the GPSy Guide. iOS and Android. $3.99-9.99, all over the US. As you drive, the app picks up your GPS and gives you a tour of where you are at. Plus, you don't need a cellular connection to use it. Leo is going to use them and compare.

Johnny Jet ... Permanently Jet-lagged

Johnny Jet

Episode 1572

A great site for cheap flights is TravelGam. It shows the cheapest weekend to visit in an eight-month period. He's not a fan of the booking sites they partner with, though, so go straight to the airline or another booking site like Travelocity, Kayak, or Expedia to actually book your flight. If travelling to NY, there is a website that shows all the New York construction in all five boroughs. Check it out here -

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1527

Leo tells Johnny Jet that he's impressed with just how good cruising is now thanks to technology. The Wi-Fi has gotten much faster and the pay service is getting more affordable. $30 for three hours, which you can stretch out by logging off when you're done and stopping the clock. Johnny Jet says that the new ships are smaller in space, because of all the technology. If you want space, you are better off cruising on the older ships.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1521

The new buzz word for what Johnny Jet does, is "travel influencer," but Johnny Jet considers himself a travel enthusiast and publisher.

Website of the week - It's travel insurance for your luggage. It comes with an app that updates you when your bags have been loaded, unloaded, and arrived at luggage pickup. It's only $5 a piece. If your bag is missing after four days, they will send you a check for $1,000. No questions asked.