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Johnny Jet ... Gadgeted

Johnny Jet

Episode 1654

For the holidays, Johnny thought he'd share some of his travel tips for holiday travel. 1) The Sonic Bomb. This is a device that is guaranteed to take you up. It will literally shake the bed and is ideal for the hard of hearing or those who are heavy sleepers. 2) Membership to First Class Flyer by Mr. Upgrade. It's $100-300, but it's a great newsletter for learning how to get upgrades. If you travel a lot, this newsletter is for you. 3) 

Johhny Jet .... Great Travel Gifts

Johhny Jet

Episode 1648

Johnny Jet is back with some great travel tips. With shopping services in full swing, JJ wants to talk about great gifts for your favorite traveler. Black Lane limousine service also has a travel concierge service, which will help those who are skittish about travel from door to door. They will literally walk you through everything up to gate check, and that can be very comforting. Available at 500 airports, but it does cost $200 per person per airport. But that would make a great gift.

Johnny Jet ... Focused

Johnny Jet

Episode 1646

Johnny Jet flew his dad out to California so he could meet his granddaughter. Travel tip, when you are flying business class, check before you buy if there are seats available for upgrading. Johnny recommends Here are Johnny's thoughts on why this site is worth paying to subscribe to Another tip - When possible book a bulkhead seat. You get extra legroom.

Johnny Jet ... living it up

Johnny Jet

Episode 1642

App of the week ... Waze has new audio voice features including the Cookie Monster. If you're on a road trip with kids, they'll get a kick out of it. 

Travel Tip of the Week.... take a trip with your fiance before you get married. You don't want to ruin your honeymoon without an understanding how your potential spouse reacts while traveling.

Website of the week - ResortFeeChecker. Find out what your hotel's resort fees are, and what they cover. 

Johnny Jet ... Mic'd Up

Johnny Jet

Episode 1636

Johnny Jet got back into the air this week, after a 2-month break for the birth of his second child. Flying on American, Johnny Jet says that the airline company has terrible management and only pays their flight crews when the door has been closed. Travel Tip - Bring a bag of chocolate for the flight crew. They'll appreciate it.

Johnny Jet... Alerted for the Holidays

Johnny Jet

Episode 1634

According to Expedia, the cheapest time to buy airline tickets is between October 9th and November 13th for traveling during the holidays. AAA says November 11-17. Johnny says that everyone should price out and use flight notifications and alerts by Google, or Kayak and Yapta. They will send you fare alerts when the price drops. They will also let you know if you can get a refund by changing your tickets.