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Johnny Jet and the Waterfall of Travel News

Johnny Jet

Episode 1766

Johnny Jet joins Leo with a "waterfall of travel news." 

Canada has canceled international travel. Airlines will be able to pick people up and fly out, but not come into the country. They are also requiring quarantining for at least 3 days after a negative PCR Covid19 test.

The CDC and Dr. Fauci also say that now isn't a good time to travel and are pushing for a negative test in order to fly domestically.

There's now a vending machine that sells home Covid tests for around $119 at airports. 

Johnny Jet ... within weeks

Episode 1747

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how the CDC is pleading with Americans to not travel during Thanksgiving, but no one is really listening. Travel numbers are on the rise as the holiday nears. The CDC says that you should quarantine two weeks prior before going to a family dinner. No one is going to do that. So expect the infection numbers to continue to rise during the holidays.

Zoom is taking off the 40-minute limit and offering free zoom activity on Thanksgiving. It's safer to do that, instead.

Johnny Jet ... Before and After

Johnny Jet

Episode 1741

The inevitable response to increased travel traffic in the last few weeks is that infections are again on the rise. Johnny Jet says that states like New York are now instituting before and after testing, where you have to be tested before you arrive and then immediately after. As a result, travel is down again. Meanwhile, United has come out with a new translation testing program. If you travel overseas, you can test at the airport for free. If you're covid free, you can travel. 

Johnny Jet and the Hawaiian Opening

Johnny Jet

Episode 1733

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how Hawaii is opening up this week to allow travel. The big news is 72 advance testing requirement before boarding, which could become the new normal. But even passing a test won't prevent you from catching Covid19 before you travel. Which is why JJ still won't travel right now. He has stayed at a Marriot Hotel recently and has seen all the steps that the hotel is taking to protect hotel guests. A getaway is doable if you mask up and protect yourself.

Johnny Jet ... Aloha

Johnny Jet

Episode 1729

Johnny Jet is heading back to Hawaii after the state set a reopening date of October 15th. So far, it's only Oahu and you need to be tested within 72 hours of travel, and it's only through CVS or Kaiser Permanente. If you don't have a test, you will have to either turn around and go home or quarantine for five days. New York has also reopened to six states, including California.

American has transcontinental deals from California to New York for as low as 12,000 miles per seat. 

Johnny Jet ... Mona Lisa at the Zoo

Johnny Jet

Episode 1723

Johnny Jet is joining Leo to talk about using this pandemic time to visit local areas of interest like the zoo or museum. You'll need to wear a mask and practice social distancing, plus most are requiring reservations to cap attendance, but it's a good idea to fill your staycation agenda.

In other news - Cruiselines and Airlines are working on new rapid testing to keep those infected with CoVid from boarding. 

Johnny Jet ... On Hold

Johnny Jet

Episode 1721

Johnny Jet put a flight reservation on hold this week to Florida after seeing the weather and the news a hurricane was coming. That's why he advises to always check with the Weather report in the area you're traveling to before booking.

In other travel news, Google Maps now gives up to the minute updates of the wildfires and will warn you with information on how to evacuate. 

Johnny Jet ... Opened Back Up

Johnny Jet

Episode 1709

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how passengers need to wake up and wear a mask while they are traveling. Airlines are also starting to test passengers before they load the plane, but still, people are getting infected while traveling. Most Airlines are not selling middle seats and are requiring masks to board the plane. Johnny says the TSA is also now allowing up to 12 oz of hand sanitizer and wipes.  Passengers will also need to separate out their foot in a clear plastic container. 

Johnny Jet ... All around the house

Johnny Jet

Episode 1705

Tech News - Cruise lines suspended cruising until at least September 15th, maybe even through the end of the year. At least through US Ports. Southwest announced they will keep the middle seat open until Sept. 30th. Delta and Jet Blue will also be doing this policy. Americans, not so much. But American joins United, Alaska, and Hawaiian Airlines to require a mask to be worn or be banned from flying until the end of the pandemic.