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Johnny Jet: Hiding Away

Johnny Jet

Episode 1780

Johnny Jet is traveling again for the first time in a year.  It's a road trip to Santa Barbara, and he's staying at a "hideaway." The nice thing about Santa Barbara is that everyone is sensitive to wearing masks. And he's not alone. The TSA reports that there's been over a million traveling through airports for nine days in a row. So travel is making its way back. Hawaii is opening up. Kaui is opening on April 5th. 

This week's travel tips -

1. Never leave anything of value in your car, especially if it'll be visible. 

Johnny Jet ... Summer is coming

Johnny Jet

Episode 1778

Johnny joins Leo to talk about how summer is coming and travel is roaring back to life. The big deal is if the vaccines will block variant Covid strains and if people will continue to follow mask protocols. Johnny hasn't been on a plane in over a year, and he's hopeful since the FAA is reporting the largest amount of air traffic since March of 2020. Internationally, it may take a bit longer. In addition to buying plane tickets, now is a good time to make car rental reservations for the summer.

Johnny Jet, It's all about timing

Johnny Jet

Episode 1776

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about timing when booking a trip. Many airlines that offered vouchers last year when flights were canceled, well those vouchers are going to be expiring soon. So it's a good idea to check your expiration dates and then book a trip to use it or lose it. Then, if you can't travel because of restrictions, you can refund or rebook for a later date. The same is true with cruises. It's also important to remember that when traveling outside the country, you will need a negative covid test to return.

Johnny Jet .... Going Thru

Johnny Jet

Episode 1774

Johnny Jet joins Leo to report that the TSA is running over a million people a day through airports. So people are starting to travel again, especially those who have been vaccinated. Travel website traffic is on the rise as well, signaling that people want to travel and Spring and Summer of 2021 is going to be good, but that may cause a setback in the Fall as people put their guard down. 

But the time to buy tickets is now, before March 31st, when the ticket change fees may return. So if you think you're going to travel this summer, get on it!

Johnny Jet and the new roaring 20s

Johnny Jet

Episode 1772

Johnny Jet says that there are dozens of great travel deals right now and no matter where you find them, he recommends going directly to the source to actually buy the airline ticket. You can use third parties to search but buy from the airlines directly. That way if there's another lockdown, you can be sure to get your money back with a minimum of hassle. 

In other travel news, the TSA is hiring up to 6000 new agents. They're expecting summer to be a huge travel time after people get their vaccinations.

Johnny Jet and the Waterfall of Travel News

Johnny Jet

Episode 1766

Johnny Jet joins Leo with a "waterfall of travel news." 

Canada has canceled international travel. Airlines will be able to pick people up and fly out, but not come into the country. They are also requiring quarantining for at least 3 days after a negative PCR Covid19 test.

The CDC and Dr. Fauci also say that now isn't a good time to travel and are pushing for a negative test in order to fly domestically.

There's now a vending machine that sells home Covid tests for around $119 at airports. 

Johnny Jet ... within weeks

Episode 1747

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how the CDC is pleading with Americans to not travel during Thanksgiving, but no one is really listening. Travel numbers are on the rise as the holiday nears. The CDC says that you should quarantine two weeks prior before going to a family dinner. No one is going to do that. So expect the infection numbers to continue to rise during the holidays.

Zoom is taking off the 40-minute limit and offering free zoom activity on Thanksgiving. It's safer to do that, instead.

Johnny Jet ... Before and After

Johnny Jet

Episode 1741

The inevitable response to increased travel traffic in the last few weeks is that infections are again on the rise. Johnny Jet says that states like New York are now instituting before and after testing, where you have to be tested before you arrive and then immediately after. As a result, travel is down again. Meanwhile, United has come out with a new translation testing program. If you travel overseas, you can test at the airport for free. If you're covid free, you can travel.