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Johnny Jet ... Daily Tipped

Johnny Jet

Episode 1827

Johnny Jet says that this week is the week to look into your Thanksgiving travel, if you're planning to fly. And it's a great time because airlines aren't charging change fees right now. Additionally, airline credits are set to start expiring, and you can't use more than two credits to book a flight. So if you have more than that, book one-way flights. And if that flight gets canceled by the airline, they have to refund your money.

Johnny Jet ... Postponed

Johnny Jet

Episode 1823

Johnny joins Leo to talk about why it may be a good idea to postpone (again) that trip to Hawaii because of the Delta variant.  Mandates are not likely going to happen, but the reality is that they don't want you to come, and you won't get that Hawaiian experience anyway. And you'll have to be tested to get back into the intercontinental US. So Johnny says that 2021 is the year of the staycation. Stay home. 

Johnny Jet ... Busted in Hawaii

Johnny Jet

Episode 1821

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about the Florida couple who got arrested for trying to use fake covid vaccination cards to enter into the state. In other news, while the vaccine is the best option for combatting Covid, you may still get it. That's what happened to his dad. But he's recovering. In other news, Johnny says that the New Haven airport is a good option to avoid flying into New York, now that they're taking larger planes like 737s. 

Johnny Jet ... Too Close to Home

Johnny Jet

Episode 1819

Johnny recently discovered his dad contracted Covid19, even though he was vaccinated. The good news is because he was vaccinated, the infection has been lighter than being unvaccinated. So being vaccinated is important, if for no other reason than it'll prevent Covid from being worse. 

Johnny also says this is a good reason to keep some of your frequent flyer miles in an account for emergencies. Currently, you can get pretty good deals on using your FFMs on American Airlines at the last minute. 

Johnny Jet and the Cancelled Spirit

Johnny Jet

Episode 1817

Spirit Airlines has been cancelling hundreds of flights all week, stranding many customers at airports, as they scramble to find another carrier. The problem is, that Spirit doesn't have any agreements with other airlines to put you on another flight. It was so bad, that gate agents were hiding. American Airlines had problems with cancelled flights too, but it wasn't nearly as bad. Why was it happening? Johnny says that airlines weren't expecting a travel surge that happened this week and they don't have the trained staff to accommodate it.

Johnny Jet And the Relapse

Johnny Jet

Episode 1815

Recently, due to the delta variant and people being hesitant to get the vaccine now, Johnny Jet has had to cancel a few trips. Countries are now requiring a negative test or proof of vaccinations to get into theaters, events, and even restaurants. Even here in the States, restaurants are starting to require proof. Las Vegas is also now requiring masks. The more people get vaccinated, though, the faster we can get out of it. The good news, though, is the UK is now open to Americans as long as you're vaccinated and have a negative Covid test. 

Johnny Jet ... if I had to live on an Island

Johnny Jet

Episode 1813

Leo tells Johnny that Hawaii isn't accepting just any Covid test to enter the state. The tests must be PCR-based. Some think it's political, but Johnny says it's only political if you make it that way. This is a public health crisis, and as such, the state makes the rules. While in Hawaii, Leo visited the Arizona Memorial and was struck by the number of Pearl Harbor survivors whose remains were interred in the ship as a last request of the Arizona survivors. Very touching.

Johnny Jet ... Record Setting

Johnny Jet

Episode 1810

Johnny joins Leo to talk about travel. Record-setting numbers from the TSA with more people going through security checkpoints than pre-pandemic numbers in 2019!  Most hotels are selling out now, but business hotels aren't because conferences aren't happening. So the best deals right now are at hotels that cater to business clients.  Travel Zoo - $199 San Francisco Hilton, incl. free parking.

Right now, there's a shortage of Uber/Lyft drivers, so passengers are waiting longer to get a pickup.  

Also, look now for great deals for traveling over the holidays.

Johnny Jet and the Glass Bottom Boat

Johnny Jet

Episode 1808

Johnny Jet visited Catalina this week. With everything opening up, it's a great place to take the family. But everyone is starting to wear masks again due to the Delta Variant of Covid19. So make sure to bring a mask along. Hawaii is going to allow visitors who are fully vaccinated to come to the islands without quarantine or testing starting July 8th. But people have to upload a copy of their vaccination card to do so.