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Johnny Jet ... Back from the Desert

Johnny Jet

Episode 1802

Johnny just got back from a trip to Palm Desert, which he drove to this time around. With the latest Covid variants affecting kids, it's best to stay grounded for a while. 

Travel Tip of the week - there's a new scam where if you see photographers taking pictures and you stop to do the same, it may be a setup in order to break into your car and steal everything. So be on the lookout. And do NOT leave anything valuable in your car.

Johnny Jet ... Working all Week

Johnny Jet

Episode 1800

Johnny Jet worked all week to find the best seats for his dad to fly back East. Things change so often that if you can't get seats one day, you try the next. Don't give up until you find the best seats you want. 

Travel News - 1.9 Million went through TSA this week, the most since last year. So leisure travel is back to 2019 levels. But business travel is another issue, and it may not come back. Businesses have discovered that they can do a lot of their work virtually, and it's changed the way companies are doing business. 

Johnny Jet and the Cheap Way to First Class

Johnny Jet

Episode 1798

Johnny Jet may have cracked the code to get first-class upgrade for a cheap price. Johnny says to wait a few hours before flying and then see if you can upgrade it. 

In other news, Breeze Airways has been started by the founder of Jet Blue. It's his fifth airline to start and based on getting older planes and flying regional routes. Breeze starts the 27th of May for about $39 a ticket.

Johnny Jet and the Unsustainable Airline

Johnny Jet

Episode 1792

This week, Johnny went back in the air, test flying with Avelo Airlines. What makes Avelo interesting is that they are charging nearly $20 for the ticket, but $10 for bags and $35 for carry-ons, and other fees. The idea is to make turnarounds quickly without loading extra bags, so they can turn a profit. They fly 15-year-old 737-800s and 129 of the 189 seats only have 29" of legroom, which is tight.

Johnny Jet ... Speaking on the Ritz

Johnny Jet

Episode 1788

In travel news, it's practically impossible to rent a car these days, since during the pandemic, most rental car companies sold off a lot of their inventory. Now they are struggling to get cars to rent. Prices can be as high as $300 a day due to the demand and limited inventory right now. Tropical locations like Florida and Hawaii are huge for booking travel right now. There are set rules for visiting Hawaii. Check out and review them. Last thing you want is to travel to Hawaii and be refused entry or forced to quarantine for your entire stay.

Johnny Jet: Hiding Away

Johnny Jet

Episode 1780

Johnny Jet is traveling again for the first time in a year.  It's a road trip to Santa Barbara, and he's staying at a "hideaway." The nice thing about Santa Barbara is that everyone is sensitive to wearing masks. And he's not alone. The TSA reports that there's been over a million traveling through airports for nine days in a row. So travel is making its way back. Hawaii is opening up. Kaui is opening on April 5th. 

This week's travel tips -

1. Never leave anything of value in your car, especially if it'll be visible. 

Johnny Jet ... Summer is coming

Johnny Jet

Episode 1778

Johnny joins Leo to talk about how summer is coming and travel is roaring back to life. The big deal is if the vaccines will block variant Covid strains and if people will continue to follow mask protocols. Johnny hasn't been on a plane in over a year, and he's hopeful since the FAA is reporting the largest amount of air traffic since March of 2020. Internationally, it may take a bit longer. In addition to buying plane tickets, now is a good time to make car rental reservations for the summer.