travel tips

Johnny Jet ... staying local

Episode 1697

Johnny Jet joins Leo to say that while travel is slowly starting to make its way back as the country reopens, he still doesn't think it's a good idea to travel unnecessarily.  Johnny also expects a second wave of outbreaks. So now is not the time to travel for fun. Vacation local this year. Johnny also says that airlines are starting to refund tickets with travel vouchers that have no expiration date. Users can also upgrade or change flights with no charges.

In other news, Hertz has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

Johnny Jet and the Big Beef

Johnny Jet

Episode 1695

Johnny Jet is in a big beef with Air Canada after they canceled his flight and refuses to give him a refund. In fact, the Department of Transportation had to announce again that airlines are required to refund the money within 7 days of cancellation. Airlines are also starting to see more activity this week and are now starting to take passenger's temperatures before allowing them to board. In Hong Kong, they tracking passenger movements to be sure they haven't been exposed. 

Should I Get My Money Back For a Canceled Cruise?


Episode 1689

Mike from Cerritos, CA

Mike recently found out their cruise had been canceled. The Cruiseline has offered a 120% credit towards a future cruise, or 140% credit if booked by May. Should he book one for the summer? Leo says nobody knows what the world will be like, and the cruise line doesn't want to give cash back. Leo says to take cash if they offer it. And the real question is ... will that cruise line even be around next year? Leo suspects the industry is going to have a serious shake up and the only sure bet is to get the money back. 

Johnny Jet ... like a rock star

Johnny Jet

Episode 1689

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about when travel will rebound and people will start traveling again. Johnny Jet says it'll be a while and when it is, there will be a ton of precautionary things. Some experts are saying it'll take three years to get back to normal travel. Rapid testing will also become part of travel, where passengers will have to pass a health test before you can board. Passing a test before you enter and exit a country will also likely be normal. Airlines will also be smaller, with fewer flights, and fares more expensive in the long term. 

Johnny Jet .... Close to home


Episode 1687

Johnny Jet has had to cancel several travel conferences lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Some have been postponed, but Johnny doesn't see how it's happening. There's also a lot of pressure on Las Vegas to reopen. But Johnny says that in spite of the outbreak, there's still almost as much jet travel going on over the US. But according to the TSA, 95,000 people went through security (including airport workers) vs. over 3 million every day.

Johnny Jet ... Refuse the Upgrade

Johnny Jet

Episode 1681

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how airlines that are flying have nearly empty flights. He says though, that airlines are using first-class upgrades as an incentive and as such, it can get a bit denser up in first class. So he advises refusing the upgrade and going in the back of the plane where there are fewer passengers and you can have more distance between passengers. It also equates to more room for you.