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Johnny Jet ... Heated Up

Johnny Jet

Episode 1749

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how the travel industry is starting to heat up, despite the increase of infections lately. There have been reports that planes are actually safer because they are filtering, and some are not selling middle seats. TSA reports three days of over 1 million travelers, the first time since March. Experts say that Spring and Summer will be great times to travel if we can just hunker down at home until then. And when the vaccine is released, that could make it even safer. There are great travel deals right now, thanks to Black Friday deals.

Johnny Jet ... within weeks

Episode 1747

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how the CDC is pleading with Americans to not travel during Thanksgiving, but no one is really listening. Travel numbers are on the rise as the holiday nears. The CDC says that you should quarantine two weeks prior before going to a family dinner. No one is going to do that. So expect the infection numbers to continue to rise during the holidays.

Zoom is taking off the 40-minute limit and offering free zoom activity on Thanksgiving. It's safer to do that, instead.

Johnny Jet ... Keeping Hope Alive

Johnny Jet

Episode 1745

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about a cruise line that went out and now all 53 passengers are stuck in quarantine after 6 people tested positive. Johnny says that countries are getting really strict about quarantining passengers. Some even won't allow leaving of your hotel room for 14 days. Johnny Jet says that Hawaii probably won't be able to handle a 72-hour quarantine with the recent spike in infections. 

The irony is, cruise sales are up for next year. But a lot of cruise lines are getting rid of their older ships, sending them to be cut up in Turkey.

Johnny Jet ... Spiked

Johnny Jet

Episode 1743

This week in travel news ... Key West has banned large cruise ships, preventing mega-ships with more than 1500 passengers from birthing, even for a single day. 

Also, COVID cases are spiking again, prompting TSA travel numbers to drop by 400,000. Countries are going on lockdown. We saw this coming since the fall/winter season is here. So now isn't the time to travel.

Johnny Jet ... Before and After

Johnny Jet

Episode 1741

The inevitable response to increased travel traffic in the last few weeks is that infections are again on the rise. Johnny Jet says that states like New York are now instituting before and after testing, where you have to be tested before you arrive and then immediately after. As a result, travel is down again. Meanwhile, United has come out with a new translation testing program. If you travel overseas, you can test at the airport for free. If you're covid free, you can travel. 

Johnny Jet ... in Paradise

Johnny Jet

Episode 1737

Things continue to loosen up travel-wise. A million people will be traveling in US airports this week for the first time since March 16th. And the latest research indicates that air quality in planes is cleaner than the air in your home. The study, conducted by the Department of Defense, may be flawed because it was limited to one passenger and doesn't take into account people not wearing masks or moving around the cabin. But another study by the IATA, only 44 cases worldwide have been infected while traveling, out of over a billion travelers worldwide.

Johnny Jet ... and the Tested Comeback

Johnny Jet

Episode 1735

Johnny Jet says that in the last two weeks, nearly a million travelers have gone through TSA, the first time since March. It's on track to break the 1 million mark on Sunday. Travel is bouncing back now since airlines and airports are now instigating their own testing. It's not cheap at between $125-250, but some airports like Oakland, are offering free testing. One test is a 15-minute test and then there's a three-day test. Going to Hawaii requires the three days (72-hour test). The test eliminates the two-week quarantine.

Johnny Jet and the Hawaiian Opening

Johnny Jet

Episode 1733

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how Hawaii is opening up this week to allow travel. The big news is 72 advance testing requirement before boarding, which could become the new normal. But even passing a test won't prevent you from catching Covid19 before you travel. Which is why JJ still won't travel right now. He has stayed at a Marriot Hotel recently and has seen all the steps that the hotel is taking to protect hotel guests. A getaway is doable if you mask up and protect yourself.

Johnny Jet ... Rapidly tested

Johnny Jet

Episode 1731

The huge story in Travel news ... United Airlines is offering rapid testing at San Francisco Airport for $250 with results in 72 hours, or you can test ahead of time and drop off the package for $80. You'll still have to quarantine where you're going until the results are received, but why not? Hawaii Airlines is also offering rapid testing for $90 and it will take 72 hours. Lufthansa is offering rapid testing for only $12 in Europe. Johnny says that until COVID goes away, this is the new normal if you want to travel.