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Johnny Jet .... Going Thru

Johnny Jet

Episode 1774

Johnny Jet joins Leo to report that the TSA is running over a million people a day through airports. So people are starting to travel again, especially those who have been vaccinated. Travel website traffic is on the rise as well, signaling that people want to travel and Spring and Summer of 2021 is going to be good, but that may cause a setback in the Fall as people put their guard down. 

But the time to buy tickets is now, before March 31st, when the ticket change fees may return. So if you think you're going to travel this summer, get on it!

Johnny Jet and the new roaring 20s

Johnny Jet

Episode 1772

Johnny Jet says that there are dozens of great travel deals right now and no matter where you find them, he recommends going directly to the source to actually buy the airline ticket. You can use third parties to search but buy from the airlines directly. That way if there's another lockdown, you can be sure to get your money back with a minimum of hassle. 

In other travel news, the TSA is hiring up to 6000 new agents. They're expecting summer to be a huge travel time after people get their vaccinations.

Johnny Jet and the Travel Boon

Johnny Jet

Episode 1770

Johnny Jet says that more people are traveling, with over a million going through TSA every day. And there are some great deals right now, even though he doesn't recommend traveling right now. AA SF-NY or LA-DC $145. Insane deal. But if you're planning to travel this summer, jump on that deal. You can always cancel without a fee later since most airlines have dropped those change fees because of the pandemic. 

Johnny Jet and the Waterfall of Travel News

Johnny Jet

Episode 1766

Johnny Jet joins Leo with a "waterfall of travel news." 

Canada has canceled international travel. Airlines will be able to pick people up and fly out, but not come into the country. They are also requiring quarantining for at least 3 days after a negative PCR Covid19 test.

The CDC and Dr. Fauci also say that now isn't a good time to travel and are pushing for a negative test in order to fly domestically.

There's now a vending machine that sells home Covid tests for around $119 at airports. 

Johnny Jet ... Vaccinated

Johnny Jet

Episode 1764

There's a lot going on in Travel News these days. President Biden signed a mask mandate and all travelers have to wear a mask while on a plane. With this mandate, if a flyer refuses to wear a mask, they can be arrested and fined $30,000 or a year in prison. 

In other news, a new strain of COVID-19 is prompting countries to mandate only the use of N95 masks. This could be problematic considering shortages of the design.

Johnny Jet ... Getting There

Johnny Jet

Episode 1762

The latest in travel news is that the CDC now requires a negative test three days before you travel overseas. You will then also have to have a negative test to return. That's on top of two weeks of quarantining when you arrive. That will add huge fees to traveling that could cause international travel to take a hit. But Johnny Jet says that this will be the future of travel and it should be done at the airport. LAX is already doing rapid testing for $125. So Johnny thinks that airfares will go up, and domestic travel will be more popular for some time.

Johnny Jet ... Favorite Places

Johnny Jet

Episode 1760

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about travel. Leo says he was supposed to be on a Singapore cruise this weekend. But he was forced to cancel. Luckily, he got his money back. 

LAX now has a Covid19 testing lab with a 3-5 hour turn around time on site. You need to make a reservation, but it's a great step if you need to travel. The cost is $125. Canada and the UK are now requiring negative Covid19 tests and require 14-day quarantine to travel to their country.

Johnny Jet ... in Six Months

Johnny Jet

Episode 1758

Johnny Jet says that right now is a great time to buy tickets in advance because there is a lot of flexibility. Airlines are dropping change fees, and business travel isn't coming back for at least six months, if ever. So airlines have to rely on leisure travel. So if you can get a great deal on a flight in July, make sure you read the fine print and can make a free change if you need to, and go for it. Travel prices will go up once the vaccine is widespread. So right now is a great time to buy.