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Johnny Jet ... if I had to live on an Island

Johnny Jet

Episode 1813

Leo tells Johnny that Hawaii isn't accepting just any Covid test to enter the state. The tests must be PCR-based. Some think it's political, but Johnny says it's only political if you make it that way. This is a public health crisis, and as such, the state makes the rules. While in Hawaii, Leo visited the Arizona Memorial and was struck by the number of Pearl Harbor survivors whose remains were interred in the ship as a last request of the Arizona survivors. Very touching.

Johnny Jet ... Record Setting

Johnny Jet

Episode 1810

Johnny joins Leo to talk about travel. Record-setting numbers from the TSA with more people going through security checkpoints than pre-pandemic numbers in 2019!  Most hotels are selling out now, but business hotels aren't because conferences aren't happening. So the best deals right now are at hotels that cater to business clients.  Travel Zoo - $199 San Francisco Hilton, incl. free parking.

Right now, there's a shortage of Uber/Lyft drivers, so passengers are waiting longer to get a pickup.  

Also, look now for great deals for traveling over the holidays.

Johnny Jet and the Glass Bottom Boat

Johnny Jet

Episode 1808

Johnny Jet visited Catalina this week. With everything opening up, it's a great place to take the family. But everyone is starting to wear masks again due to the Delta Variant of Covid19. So make sure to bring a mask along. Hawaii is going to allow visitors who are fully vaccinated to come to the islands without quarantine or testing starting July 8th. But people have to upload a copy of their vaccination card to do so. 

Johnny Jet ...on the Road Again

Johnny Jet

Episode 1806

Johnny Jet is back traveling, having recently traveled to New York. TSA is allowing over 2 million through airports daily. So travel is back in a huge way. And the EU recently lifted travel restrictions from the US. But in Malta, only 38 states are allowed to travel there. It's basically a podge at this point, so make sure you check with the State Department website, or the country's site before you book internationally. 

Will Supersonic Planes Really Return With United?

Boom Supersonic

Episode 1802

Micah from Maine

Micah is a podcaster for the Airplane Geeks podcast and he says that the Boom Supersonic zero-emissions aircraft is largely smoke and mirrors. It claims zero emissions because it's going to use biofuels instead of kerosene. It'll lower emissions, but the rest will have to be handled by buying Carbon offsets. So not strictly zero emissions. Micah says that Boom will likely be vaporware before it actually takes to the air. 

Johnny Jet ... Back from the Desert

Johnny Jet

Episode 1802

Johnny just got back from a trip to Palm Desert, which he drove to this time around. With the latest Covid variants affecting kids, it's best to stay grounded for a while. 

Travel Tip of the week - there's a new scam where if you see photographers taking pictures and you stop to do the same, it may be a setup in order to break into your car and steal everything. So be on the lookout. And do NOT leave anything valuable in your car.

Johnny Jet ... Working all Week

Johnny Jet

Episode 1800

Johnny Jet worked all week to find the best seats for his dad to fly back East. Things change so often that if you can't get seats one day, you try the next. Don't give up until you find the best seats you want. 

Travel News - 1.9 Million went through TSA this week, the most since last year. So leisure travel is back to 2019 levels. But business travel is another issue, and it may not come back. Businesses have discovered that they can do a lot of their work virtually, and it's changed the way companies are doing business. 

Johnny Jet and the Cheap Way to First Class

Johnny Jet

Episode 1798

Johnny Jet may have cracked the code to get first-class upgrade for a cheap price. Johnny says to wait a few hours before flying and then see if you can upgrade it. 

In other news, Breeze Airways has been started by the founder of Jet Blue. It's his fifth airline to start and based on getting older planes and flying regional routes. Breeze starts the 27th of May for about $39 a ticket.