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Johnny Jet ... to Recline or Not to Recline

Episode 1669

The story this week of a woman who reclined in front of a man who's row was in the very back. He had no room and so he started shaking and punching her seat to get her attention and annoy her.  She has since sued him. Johnny Jet says that when the person in front of you reclines, you pretty much have to recline as well if you can. But he couldn't. To be polite, one should give notice that you're going to recline your seat. Be nice to the person behind you. But at the end of the day, the guy couldn't asked for another seat or selected a better seat when he booked.

Johnny Jet ... Super Bloomed

Episode 1574

Johnny Jet is in Temecula for a little family getaway. The SuperBloom is underway in Southern California.  Because of all the rain, there are California Poppies all over the mountains. Additionally, this week is the Painted Ladies butterfly migration from Mexico. So taking a drive through Southern California is a beautiful sight to see right now. 

Big news in travel - The entire Boeing 737 Max has been taken out of service for a huge software fix.

Johnny Jet ... Permanently Jet-lagged

Johnny Jet

Episode 1572

A great site for cheap flights is TravelGam. It shows the cheapest weekend to visit in an eight-month period. He's not a fan of the booking sites they partner with, though, so go straight to the airline or another booking site like Travelocity, Kayak, or Expedia to actually book your flight. If travelling to NY, there is a website that shows all the New York construction in all five boroughs. Check it out here -

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1550

Johnny Jet recently got to attend the most exclusive lounge at LAX this week. It's $4,500 a year membership, plus $2,700 every time you use it. You get separate security, you have a private room, much like a hotel room, and you're even driven to the airplane for a backdoor entrance. It's designed for heads of state, business leaders, and celebrities. But they're about to do a deal with United Airlines, which will offer the same service for $375 per party.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1455

Travel news this week is that Delta Airlines is cracking down on what they call "fake service animals." All too often, people are pretending that their dogs and cats are service animals, like a seeing eye dog would be, but for emotional support. Johnny Jet says that Delta is going to require proof with a note from the doctor that you need a service animal for it to be allowed on the plane.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Johnny Jet

Episode 1428

Johnny Jet is back from traveling and he's feeling a bit jet lagged, but he believes that jet lag is a state of mind.

App of the week - It's an app for iOS and Android to help you find a good cheap fare. Input where, when and the price you want to pay. They'll then find the fare and book you. But once it's booked, there's no refund. If they can't find it, then you can try again at another price point. So it's like Priceline. It's also crowd worked.