Understand That Companies Can Monitor Traffic Under Their Wi-Fi

When you're working for a company and using their internet, be mindful that the company is generally allowed to monitor your online activity. This includes your desktops, laptops, and cell phones that use their resources. If you are using a VPN, they'll be unable to monitor the sites but can still see that you're using a virtual private network. There may be a policy in the employee handbook regarding internet usage, but the safest thing is to just not surf sketchy websites or NSFW content on the job.

What is a VPN and do I need to use it?


Episode 1621

Rene from Vancouver, British Columbia

Rene wants to know if she can use a VPN to keep herself safe and still log into sites like Facebook. Leo says that a VPN is an encrypted tunnel for your traffic that masks your data as you use it. You should be able to still log in, but some sites don't support it. How about using an airport WiFi with a VPN. Leo says that's a very good place to use a VPN, but he generally doesn't use public wifi, especially in an airport. And you NEVER want to do banking or eCommerce on one.

What's the Best Map App for Driving Around Traffic?


Episode 1602

Johnny from Atlanta, GA

Johnny would like to know about re-routing through accidents and bad traffic with his map app. Which ones are best? Leo says that the least helpful are the maps apps in your car unless the car has an LTE connection to get updates. Google Maps has recently added traffic information and rerouting from Waze. 

Leo uses Google Maps for day to day, and usually uses Waze for road trips. And with Google integrating a lot of Waze features, we're starting to get the best of both worlds.

Why does AM radio signal seem to be weaker than it used to be?


Episode 1384

Tom from San Dimas, CA

Tom is a truck driver and relies on AM radio for traffic conditions, but he's had more difficulty picking up stations lately. He's wondering if the stations aren't broadcasting as strong of a signal these days. Leo says that the signal should be just as strong. The way that we hear AM radio over a long distance varies on the weather, because the signal is actually skipping off the atmosphere as it's traveling. When the atmosphere is just right, it will skip off of it and enable him to hear distant stations.

How can I get traffic to my self published book?

Episode 1174

Martin from Mesa, AZ

Martin has a book on Amazon Kindle and wants to know how he can generate more traffic to it. Is there software that does that? Leo says that Google would let him buy search terms, or "adwords." He also should have an affiliate link for his book on his website. But he should beware as a self publisher of being lured in by SEO firms. Leo doesn't like SEO firms because they make snake oil claims about putting you number one in the search results. He should ask himself if he's never used what they are offering, would anyone else?

State Transportation Departments Encourage the 'Zipper Merge'


Episode 1104

Motorists often find it rude when other motorists merge at the point of a lane closure, instead of merging ahead of time to wait in the line that has formed. But Washington and Minnesota State Departments of Transportation have now made this "late" or "zipper" merge the law, and are encouraging motorists to do this. The zipper merge actually increases the highway's capacity, which helps traffic to move faster. The key is that motorists in the lane being merged into, allow one car go ahead of them from the other lane.

Google Buys Waze for $1.3 Billion

Episode 986

Waze is a really cool maps app with social media. Now, there's word that Google is buying Waze for $1.3B. That's quite a windfall for not only the developers, but the venture capitalists that have invested heavily into it. Leo says Google will incorporate Waze into Google Maps to make it even better. Leo says that it's also equally likely that, like YouTube, Google will just let Waze be Waze.