How can I delete and reinstall a bad driver for my trackpad?

Windows 10

Episode 1601

Al from North Florida, Florida

Al has lost control of the synaptic of his trackpad with Windows. He disabled it, and then uninstalled it. But Windows reinstalled it and it's crashing. Leo says that Windows isn't installing a new driver, it's re-enabling the old corrupted one. R/C the trackpad, go to properties and delete the driver. That will force Windows to download a new driver and install it. You can also go to the Toshiba site, which makes that trackpad, and download the driver directly. Then reinstall it. 

Is it too late to upgrade to OS X Mojave?

macOS Mojave

Episode 1586

Linda from Culver City, CA

Linda took her MacBook to a repair store to fix her trackpad. Leo says that there could be dirt underneath it, or it just stopped working. If you use your trackpad while you have a mouse plugged in and it's not working, see if the mouse will work instead. If that's the case, then it is the trackpad. It's not expensive to fix, but Leo recommends taking it to the Mac store and have it repaired with them. She was also told at the repair store that she can't upgrade her Mac anymore is this true? Leo says that's nonsense. Go to the App Store and see if you can update to Mojave.

Why isn't my trackpad working after updating Windows?

Windows 10 Start Menu

Episode 1558

Sam from San Diego, CA

Sam had three laptops upgraded to Windows 10, but one won't work with the trackpad. Leo says that a driver may be missing. Leo recommends going to the laptop manufacturer website and looking for a driver package for his laptop. If that doesn't work, he should try using the Windows 8.1 driver. It should be OK to do so. Sam should look in the device manager for any red "X", which indicates devices without a driver.

Can I replace my laptop's trackpad?

Episode 1468

Joe from Covina, CA

Joe is using an old Windows 7 laptop but his trackpad is having issues. Leo says that trackpads do wear out over time and that laptop is nearly ten years old. But may be a good source on how to replace the trackpad. It's not that big of a deal. Joe should also check HP forums. If HP has stopped supporting his device, the forums may be a great place to get help from other users who have been going through similar problems.

Why does my PC keep scrolling to the bottom by itself?

Mouse and laptop

Episode 1464

David from San Francisco, CA

David is having problems with his Dell laptop. It autoscrolls when he opens a window and goes straight down to the bottom. It doesn't matter what he opens. Leo says that it's possible that the trackpad or keyboard are pressed or stuck. There may be some cruft in the key that's causing it to stick, or there's some "schmutz" on the trackpad that is giving a false positive and causing the problem. David should check his external mouse and keyboard as well.

How can I stop the cursor from jumping in Windows?

Episode 1314

Karen from Diamond Bar, CA

Karen has an issue with a "jumping cursor" when she types on her laptop. Leo says it's a common problem when you have a laptop with a trackpad. The solution is to go into the settings and turn off the trackpad when you're doing a lot of typing. She can also adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad. It could also be that the trackpad is dirty, or that it's static electricity causing it. She can just plug in a separate keyboard via USB and see if it happens. If it does, then there's a hardware issue.

Why is my computer highlighting text randomly?

Dell XPS Laptop

Episode 1249

Melinda from Costa Mesa, CA

Melinda has a Dell laptop and it's been highlighting text randomly -- almost like it was being possessed. Dell asked her to reset the laptop to factory specs. She did that. She discovered the hard drive was bad. Leo says he doesn't think it's the hard drive. It's either a faulty track pad or the pad could just be dirty. Dell can repair it under warranty as well. She should ask the technician to look at the track pad. It's likely that's the problem and the tech will fix it.

Why does my mouse stall?

Episode 1176

Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA

Jane's mouse cursor keeps getting jammed or stuck. Leo says that the track pad may have some "schmutz" on it, causing the connection to be occluded. There's also static electricity that could be causing issues. She can clean it or take an eraser and fix it. But it sounds like a hardware error and Leo recommends taking it back to have them fix the track pad.

How can I fix my laptop's trackpad?


Episode 1135

Linda from Dana Point, CA

Linda has a Gateway laptop and her trackpad has stopped working. Can she fix it? Leo says she could pay for it, but he wouldn't advise trying to fix it herself. Another thing is to make sure she hasn't simply turned off the track pad. There is a keystroke combination that will disable it. So she should check in her settings to be sure. There may also be a trackpad icon in the system tray that could show her if it's turned off. Otherwise, she can just use a USB mouse.