How Can I Keep Track of My Kids Without a Phone?

Galaxy Watch 4

Episode 1819

Michael from Anaheim, CA

Michael wants to be able to keep track of his kids. Leo says that Apple has an iPod Touch with texting. But it needs WiFi to work. As soon as the kid leaves school, they aren't connected. That's why parents are giving kids cell phones now. Another option is an Apple Watch. But it's expensive because it has LTE built-in. But it would work. He can even set it up for secondary use. Android Wear watches also work like that. The Galaxy Watch 4 has that capability. Verizon also sells a watch for kids. Called the GIZMO. He could use Apple tags on their backpacks.

How can I use my phone to track my things?

Episode 1344

Scott from Hisperia, CA

Scott uses a Windows phone and he can't use a device tracker. So he's looking to get an Android phone to use for it. Would that work without a cell network? Leo says that since it uses bluetooth, it wouldn't need one. Any bluetooth device that runs iOS or Android software will work, but it's limited to about 100 feet. Check out Gear Eye -

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Johnny Jet

Episode 1011

Johnny Jet heard the previous call about tracking your kids. He says that there's the Trakdot, which you use to track your luggage, but there's also a new device called the Tile, which is supposed to affix to anything and can be tracked with an app. It uses Wi-Fi. It's not available yet, though. The chatroom says it has a battery that isn't replaceable and you have to send it back to get it replaced.

Is there a gadget I can use to keep track of my kids?

Episode 1011

Brian from Los Angeles, CA

Brian is going to be traveling to Italy with this young son and wants to be able to track him if he wanders off. Leo says there are gadget trackers - devices that are intended to be used for luggage, keys, etc. A key tracker on a necklace would be a good idea. Leo says there's a bluetooth device that sets off an alarm when his child is more than 30 feet away. What about using an iPod or iPhone and use find my iPhone? Find my iPhone isn't precise enough and doesn't work indoors.