Does Toshiba make a good laptop?

Toshiba Portege Laptop

Episode 1389

Bernie from Washington

Bernie bought a Toshiba laptop. Leo says that the Portege was great back in the day, and the new version is pretty sweet. So if he liked the Toshiba Satellite, then who's to say what's better? It comes down to what he likes and Toshiba still makes a 17" laptop. The customer service isn't great, but that's true of most PC makers unless he were to buy their gold support package.

Why am I getting popups on my new laptop?

Episode 1086

Mike from Long Beach, CA

Mike is getting a ton of popups on his laptop that he just bought. Leo says that is likely a bunch of software included on the laptop, called bloatware. The laptop was so cheap because they can subsidize the price with adware on your computer. And there's no real answer. You could try PCDrcrapifier. Or if you have a copy of Windows, you can just format your drive and reinstall the OS.

Is there an ethernet to USB cable or adaptor for an Android tablet?

Bobjgear Ethernet Adaptor for Android

Episode 983

Nelle from Highland, CA

Nelle has a Toshiba Thrive Android tablet, but anytime she has to download something big, she has to connect to Wi-Fi. She has problems finding and connecting to public Wi-Fi spots, though.

She'd rather get an ethernet to USB adaptor so she can hardwire it in to the internet at her work. Leo says that is an interesting solution. She should look into the Bobjgear Ethernet Adaptor for Android, which should be able to do that.