Why can't I change my homepage in Firefox?

Episode 1315

Ed from Lyle, CA

Every time Ed opens up Firefox, it goes to Google. He keeps changing it to another page and it goes back to Google every time he opens it. Leo says it sounds like it's been changed in the settings by an extension or toolbar. Many companies make money by having their extension on your browser. Ed should right click the icon and select Properties. He should look to see what the shortcut is. He should try resetting his browser.

How do I get rid of pop-ups?

Episode 1021

Joe from Los Angeles, CA

Joe keeps getting an annoying popup, and he has no idea where it's coming from. Leo says that popups usually come from installing a tool bar. Often, installing shareware will come with an additional "payload" because users didn't uncheck and disable it from installing. Leo calls it "sneakyware", because it slips by the user when they're installing something.

Why do I keep getting an error message on Internet Explorer when accessing

Episode 990

Joe from California

Joe has a Hotmail account that got converted to Outlook, but Internet Explorer keeps showing an error message when he tries to use

First, Joe should try resetting the browser. To do this, he should close all open windows. Then open Internet Explorer and go to Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced Tab, and choose "reset". That should restart IE in factory default settings.

Why is my keyboard typing out all the wrong letters when I'm in Firefox?

Episode 988

Shelley from Los Angeles, CA

Shelly is having trouble typing in her web browser. When she types, all different letters show up! Leo says that it's possible that she changed the keyboard mapping and that's what could be causing it.

The chatroom says that a malicious toolbar could be causing the issue. Leo recommends disabling all the toolbars she has, and restarting her system. Leo also suggests plugging in a different keyboard. If that doesn't change it, then it's definitely software. It's likely a virus that's embedded in the toolbar.