How can I DVR broadcast signals?

Episode 1090

Jamie from Long Beach, CA

Jamie wants to cut the cord and has heard about the Channel Master DVR for broadcast. Leo says that the chatroom recommends it all the time, and if he has a good antenna signal, it's a great option since HD is uncompressed over the air. But can he watch it elsewhere? Leo says it's fairly easy with it's ToGo capability, which would let him move his programs to his phone or tablet. He can also get just about everything online except for live programming like sports, awards ceremonies, and the news.

How can I record TV with an antenna?


Episode 1048

Robin from North Hills, CA

Robin is looking to cut the cable and wants to use an over-the-air antenna to get live TV. Leo says that if she can get reception, then an antenna can take over for the satellite and she'll end up with a very nice, and more uncompressed HD broadcast. Leo advises going to AntennaWeb.org and see what she can get in her area based on her address. It'll also recommend the best antenna for her area.

How can I change the name of a program in metadata on my TIVO?

Episode 982

Brian from Manchester, CT

Brian has an HD TIVO Series III. Sometimes the show that's listed on the program guide isn't the show that gets broadcast, and it gets recorded. How can he change the name of the program in the metadata? Leo says he may not be able to. TIVO has locked down their DVR to the point where very little, if any, hacking can be done. It's a piracy issue and TIVO is very paranoid about it.

Does the Series II TIVO need a subscription for it to work?

Sony Series II Tivo

Episode 950

Greg from Pasadena, CA

Leo says that the System II TIVO does need to phone home every once in awhile to validate an active subscription. According to the chatroom, the Sony Tivo Series II was pretty hackable, while the others weren't. Leo advises visiting WeaKnees.com and the AVS Forum which can help. It's not really that expensive to just subscribe, though.