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Johnny Jet

Episode 1305

Johnny says that the US has banned all Turkish Airlines traffic into the US because on top of the attempted coup, passengers have been able to board without being screened. Johnny says that if you're left stranded, you can try and have your ticket reissued through one of Turkish Airlines' partner airlines. Absent that, you'll eventually get a refund on your ticket, so you can buy another ticket with a discount airline to get you out of Turkey. Or you can take a boat to Greece, or even a train. The best thing to do if you're trapped in Turkey is to lay low.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1119

Johnny is back in LA and wants to talk about the Jet Blue emergency landing. Johnny says it was huge over social media and he's been part of emergency landings. They can be scary. Johnny is going to be taking a British Airways safety course that teaches how to react during an emergency landing. Leo says he wants to do that and Johnny says he can sign up when he's in London.