Can I get a docking station for my MacBook Pro?

Episode 1061

Bob from Hisperia, CA

Bob is replacing a PC laptop and docking station with a 13" Mac Pro with Retina. He needs docking stations on both ends with external monitors and network connections. Leo says that Apple doesn't do docking stations anymore. Thunderbolt monitors will handle the external part with connectors for keyboards and monitors. All he'll need to do is plug it in. He won't even have to open the MacBook Pro.

What will my son need in a laptop for film school?

Episode 892

Mark from Tarzana, CA

First he should find out what the school is using for video editing software. It's probably Final Cut Pro, but there's a chance they could be based on Adobe Premiere. If it is Final Cut Pro, then the 15" Macbook Pro is a great choice.

Leo suggests getting the 2.6 Ghz Core i7 15" Macbook Pro with the 256GB Solid State Drive, higher-res display, and perhaps a 27" external monitor. The retina display Macbook Pro probably wouldn't be enough of a difference from the regular Macbook Pro, especially if he's already spending more money on an external drive and monitor.

My wife is into photography but she's running out of drive space. What would be a good backup solution for her?

Episode 883

Jordan from San Diego, CA

Leo says she should have a local on-site backup in addition to using one of the cloud services. But since she's running out of space on her internal drive, she should get an external drive to have more space to work with. Since she has a newer Macbook Pro without a FireWire port, she won't be able to get a faster FireWire drive, and is stuck with the slower USB 2.0. Apple was counting on manufacturers to make drives for their new Thunderbolt port. No one really is using Thunderbolt yet because the cables are so expensive, and the drives themselves are too.