Why are my contacts wrong in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp on Android

Episode 1361

Marty from Los Angeles, CA

Marty uses WhatsApp with his family, but when he gets a call from someone, it has been displaying the wrong contact. Leo says that WhatsApp looks to the phone's contacts in order to identify who's in it. Marty's personal number may have gotten added to another contact, and all he needs to do is delete his number from that specific contact and it should be fine. Leo says it's probably just a messed up database.

How can I have people text me without my phone number?

Episode 1278

John from New Jersey

John is a DJ for weddings and clubs. He's looking for software that would allow clients to text him without knowing his real number. Leo says that there were some products that don't work anymore, but getting a Google Voice account would work perfectly. They could text the Google Voice number and he can set it up to forward it to his mobile phone.

How can I replace the emojis on my Android phone?


Episode 1224

Noah from Wyoming

Noah just got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android phone and the emoji's are "disgustingly ugly." Leo says that yes, Samsung's emoji's are ugly and the problem is that there is no standard or specification of how they are drawn. Noah can check out iEmoji.com to see how they look from platform to platform. There's also EmojiPedia.org. And everyone has their own look.

How can I get messages from iPhone users with my Android phone?


Episode 1216

Peter from Brooklyn, NY

Peter has the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but he wants to still use his iPhone as well. But because his phone number is registered with iMessages, he can't get the text messages from his Apple friends when he's using his Android phone. Leo says that it annoys him that iMessage isn't cross platform. Peter can go to this site that Apple has set up, input his number, and Apple will turn off iMessage to that number. That way, all the messages he gets will be through SMS.

Why are my text messages arriving so late?

Episode 1030

Jennifer from Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer's text messages show up hours and sometimes even days late. Leo says that isn't a problem with her cell phone, but her service. He advises contacting their technical support and telling them. The chatroom says that if she goes into the Sprint store, she'll get better results. She also should try restarting her phone by powering it off and then turning it back on again.

Congress May Make Use of All Tech Illegal in the Car

Episode 973

With over 3,000 people a year dying in automobile accidents caused by cellphone use, the NTSB is poised to make a series of voluntary recommendations which would be phased in over the next three years to give automakers time to incorporate them. The recommendations will alter how cellphones will be used in the car and will include:

Disabling Manual Text Entry
Disabling video calls or displays
Disabling text display