Text to Speech

How Can I Have Email Read Out Loud?


Episode 1618

Mark from Farmington, New Mexico

Mark's mom has macular degeneration and can't read her email. What can she get to read her email for her? Leo says that Windows does have text to speech (TTS) built-in, so he can try that. Microsoft Outlook also has voice commands. Leo usually recommends contacting the local Foundation for the Blind. Maybe they can set her up with a JAWS screen reader. He could also try a web-based solution through an email provider. They may have accessibility features like using Google Text to Speech.

Why doesn't text to speech work on my Android device?

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Episode 1499

Alan from Moorpark, CA

Alan is having issues with text to speech on his Android tablet. He keeps getting a "can't access server" error. Leo says that's a connectivity issue and if he doesn't have a good internet connection, it simply won't work. Speech to text has many different servers and if it can't get online, that means it can't complete the dictation. He'll also need to get an app from Google Play directly. That will probably solve the issue.

Can Android read selected text?

Episode 1227

Carlos from Brea

Carlos has made the switch from iOS to Android and wants to be able to select a paragraph of text and then have Android read it. Leo says that iOS has great accessibility features and he doesn't think that Android can do that. But the new iPhones would enable him to select text and then use 3D Touch to bring up a cursor so he could highlight easier. Google's text to voice engine is very good though, but it only reads files. He should check the accessibility settings.

Have you recommended SandBoxie to help avoid the FBI ransomware scam?

Episode 1027

Mark from Santa Ana, CA

Mark says that SandBoxie is a great way to avoid the FBI Scam Ransomware. It creates a sandbox and if it gets corrupted, the user can just turn off the computer and turn it back on and the ransomware goes away. The only problem is that Silverlight doesn't work in it. Leo says Microsoft doesn't want to support it anymore anyway.

Mark also wants to use Apple Text to Speech on his Mac and it stutters. Leo says upgrading to OS X Mavericks should clear that up. And it's a free upgrade.